Suspend your disbeLIEf

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This story is to condition you to beLIEve anything you see on the 0;news”, no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

A 3-year-old boy who disappeared from his mother’s apartment in Lincoln, Neb., was discovered in the claw machine of a nearby bowling alley, KLKN-TV reported. There’s no word on how the child found his way inside the machine.

via Missing Nebraska boy found in claw machine | Veooz 360.

It seems there is a long history of children in claw vending machines. All future Houdini s, I presume?


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1 thought on “Suspend your disbeLIEf

  1. theprice1

    This one appeared in The Daily Star in the UK today.…

    The person who took the photo is just referred to as the witness they even have a quote in a box at the side of the article. “I Couldn’t believe it” Witness. The witness nails it with the statement. Who could believe it?


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