The truth about Alex Jones?

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As Mr. Jungle does his analysis of the 0;Massacre”, a few thoughts came to mind. Since it appears that this too was a staged hoax, one must ask what’s Alex Jones’ role in all this?

First, I didn’t think much about Waco. I did see Alex’s doc on the event, and got all pumped up, as expected, against the government machine-

English: Radio host and documentary film maker...

English: Radio host and documentary film maker Alex Jones (Photo credit: )

gunning innocents. Only now am I thinking a little more about Waco, and like , one must wonder, why is no one being charged or investigated for these crimes?

Alex Jones is shouting from the rooftops about the ATF‘s murdering of Christians practicing their rights. So why no attention from the powers that be? Is this another case of LIHOP vs MIHOP (let/made it happen on purpose)? Is there a third, and more likely option, that like 9/11, the whole event was a staged-for-CNN event (one of the first for CNN), and that since no one was hurt, there’s no need for an investigation?

Could this be why Alex Jones will never talk about and news manufacturing? Is all his bravado and bluster, railing against what appears to be a corrupt ATF, just a complete show? If so, it’s a 21 year old show that is still going on, and he’s the lead actor! If this theory is correct, the Waco-Oklahoma City bombing-militia-Christians against the government soap opera is one of the longest hoaxes of all, considering Alex Jone’s whole premise is based on this event.

Exposing Alex Jones as the key driver of this hoax would surely help unravel his whole anti-government empire. He is a flesh and blood 1/2 of the dialectic: the other half is the spoofed corrupt government. While I don’t doubt there are corrupt people in the government, as in any organization, the overall theory of a collectivist group of individuals that we call a government (the more local, the more accountable) is still in of itself a sound one. When they create like Waco, it is to make us lose all confidence in the idea of government, at which point a new chaos would emerge and the whole process of creating a new order would be required. This is a perfect recipe for rebuilding, and who do you think will be around to help this new rebuilding of the “perfect” government? What model would they use? The possibilities are endless, but order out of chaos areas like Iraq would be a good clue on what could emerge.

English: Fire ball from exploding propane tank.

English: Fire ball from exploding propane tank. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Could exposing the Waco Siege be more important or a better foundation to all media faked events than even exposing 9/11?



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    All comments from my Waco posts will go here for continuity.


    One question first. Is Mr. Jungle the same person as Jungle Surfer? Because I would have a problem with that. Alex Jones is disgusting so no big news there. But if Mr. Surfer is Jungle Surfer then that is disgusting as well.

    Just curious about the people you surround yourself with. Like John Friend, for example. David Duke? Are you really KIDDING me?


    By the way, have you noticed what’s going on in Russia/Crimea/Ukraine lately? And the same bullshit that the west is trying to pull?

    Let’s separate the fake from the real, okay?

    Tom Dalpra

    Yeh, excellent points Ab.

    The big message seems very much worth clarifying, as you do here.
    I would say Waco is a flaming excellent example of a complete psy op and certainly would be a good way to introduce some to the world of makebelieve.

    I’ve been enjoying running threads here in the forum and welcome you opening up this one for review here. Definitely plenty to get into.



    So who is Alex working for? Is he a bad guy or a good guy? I tend to agree with Peter Sheehan and would apply the same logic to Alex as he applied to another famous conspiracy theorist whose name escapes me at the moment. All of these people are playing a role and as such, their scripts are limited. They can reveal parts of the truth but are also tasked with keeping a lid on how far things will be taken. If you think about it, it only makes sense. If this script was written, as Peter suggests, 50 years ago with an end date in mind, they can’t have people reading too far ahead or the whole cover will be blown. It’s the difference between reading a book thoroughly from cover to cover v. finding out how it all ends.

    For me, Alex was a chapter in my search for the truth and I learned a great deal from him. But his ‘character’ is designed, I believe, to eventually turn off the serious truth seeker who will graduate beyond Alex to, let’s say, David Icke, whose outlook is a bit more nuanced and complex. I spent a long time on David Icke until I started to see the fakery for myself and was kindly directed (graduated??) to Cluesforum.

    I also tend to agree with Peter that each individual needs to discover the truth for themselves and, with each new psyops, the fakery becomes increasingly obvious until the ‘bam’ and everyone finally gets the joke, so to speak.

    Alex Jones is full of hot air and BS and knows much of what he speaks is an absolute lie. But since we believe him, we learn something TRUE about ourselves and our world. We might get angry about the injustices for the first time in our lives. Is that a bad thing? Actors are artists and, as so well said in V for Vendetta, politicians lie to obscure the truth, artists lie to reveal it. And because we believed these lies to be true we learned something about ourselves and our world in the process.

    So I say Bravo, Alex!


    “While I don’t doubt there are corrupt people in the government, as in any organization, the overall theory of a collectivist group of individuals that we call a government (the more local, the more accountable) is still in of itself a sound one.”

    That idea is a circle that cannot be squared logically, as government, by definition, is corrupt. Chris has expressed these ideas on his last few podcasts. The idea of government (it is merely an idea) is that people can be granted rights and powers by people who do not have those rights and powers in the first place.

    If I do not have the right to kick your door in and kidnap you for having a plant, I cannot possibly give that right to someone else. If I do not have the right to extract money from you by threat of jail or death in order that my kids have a school, I cannot give the right to someone else.

    Dubya was right when he said the constitution is just a “GD piece of paper.” It is in fact, exactly that: a piece of paper. The idea that it has some magical power to stop bad actors from acting badly is fantasy.

    Government needs school and the media to support it, otherwise the contradictions are too obvious. Guys in robes on elevated platforms in giant stone buildings, relying on sacred documents enumerating commandments or rights to pass down their holy writs or laws. Sound familiar?

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