Chris and I talk Waco

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I call in to Chris and talk about the latest post here. Start at 1:06:30

The Law, CONstutution, Expatriating, Powdered Wigs, Black Gowns and Authority,The New New Deal,:fact or fake?, Jungle Surfer,, Robert calls in, Charles calls in, Tim calls in, Walt calls in,Sovereign Citizens Unite!, 1776-1789 The Golden Age of The Republic, They Live!, errr…ah…ubbida, ubbida, ubbida,ubbida..etc….



3 thoughts on “Chris and I talk Waco

  1. aralsea

    I think Janet Reno was held accountable for “Faco” but nothing happened to her. Are the survivors psy-op agents then? There are websites with pictures of grotesque bodies of the burn victims, just google if you want to see. But that doesn’t prove its them as the remains are virtually unrecognizable.

    It was a weird time, because they were a cult with strange practices they had no sympathy from the general public. So if it was fake, the narrative tells you that the gov’t can do what they want. Don’t be separate from the outside world and its rules. Don’t govern yourselves. Resistance is futile.

    And David Koresh was 33 at the time he “died”.


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