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Hitler annual bashing

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Can you even say the word Hitler in Germany? The occult numbers don’t mean this story is fake, but it certainly makes you wonder if this is just another excuse to psychic drive the Hitler (psyop) into the people’s subconscious. Just in time too for his 125th birthday.

The sale of anything featuring the former Fuehrer is strictly forbidden in modern-day Germany and can be punishable with severe fines.


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The Al-Qaeda myth

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John and Adam were talking about the propaganda myth known as Al Qaeda. The more we know the more ridiculous the concept sounds.



From Rick’s blog:

More here: www.globalresearch.ca/al-qaeda…



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Hard fire questions

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Today it’s reported that a fire occurred near Toronto.

I can verify that smoke was seen rising from the area. I used my two (aging) eyes and saw it personally.

Other than that, I can tell you nothing. All I can know is what’s told to me. I am told that a very wide area was closed off. The excuse was that the building fire was creating potentially hazardous airborne chemicals.

So why am I writing this? I am simply stating that even though I travel close to this area, I can hardly know much more than someone in Tasmania.

There was most likely a real fire. Whether it was staged for nefarious purposes – we will never know. You see this is the price you pay for not trusting the media and those that we are told represent the authorities. It is a difficult place to be in. Important emotional details like firefighters injured or killed can make us lose our critical thinking abilities. Sadly, early reports are sketchy and use vague terms like “local trauma center” (Toronto has only one major trauma center, called Sunnybook – so why not mention it by name? Is this deliberate or sloppy?) Why are so many pictures attributed to twitter and other “amateur” sources?

I’ll keep watching this story for clues as to its veracity.


Officials say the fire started at about 4:40 a.m. Wednesday morning. Photos and video from the scene showed large flames and clouds of smoke billowing out of the building.

via Firefighters injured, one critically, in massive fire near Toronto’s Pearson International Airport | CTV Toronto News.

Here’s a major Toronto story regarding closing a fire station that was highly promoted in the past day. Note that this fire was in the neighboring city, but within the same media sphere. Are the two stories related? Is this a simple dialectic moment that is coincidental or orchestrated?

A decision by Toronto city council to take four local fire trucks off the road and close down a fire station in the west end of the city has sparked concern among local residents.

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