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The Truman show delusion

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One thing I do believe is the twin towers were destroyed. That’s about all of the official story I agree with. Who knew it could be made into a disease?

The movie also has a disease named after it – The Truman Show Delusion – whereby victims are convinced they are starring in their own reality TV shows. One sufferer of this disease even traveled to New York to check that the twin towers had really fallen, believing 9/11 an elaborate plot twist in his own story line.

via The Truman Show: TV show movie gets own TV show | moviepilot.com.

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Unlocking the brain

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Fetzer had David Goodman on to discuss Biopsychology/Neuroscience and the Emotions. To say Goodman is intelligent is an understatement.

Listen to David talk about how the money system has corrupted science, universities, and research. Science may have been real at one time, but it is unrecognizable today in higher education thanks to corporatism.

A fascinating individual.

via The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: David Goodman.


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Why NAZI is a four letter word

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The more you tell a child he can’t have something, the more he’ll want it. I must think like a child, because the more I hear about Hitler 125 years after he came to the planet, allegedly, the more curious I am about why it’s illegal to even show his image in the country he was elected leader. Where in history have we ever seen this?

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John had Richard Tedor on twice to discuss the book on the left. In the discussion, Richard discusses National Socialism, the recovery of Germany, and Hitler’s rather reluctant role to oversee the whole transformation and fight against communism. He talks and writes about aspects of history and Germany you will not hear or read in many places, if at all.

What did I get from this interview? It appears that National Socialism’s elevation of the common man and worker, and Germany’s trading with other nations without international money and credit, raised the ire of the Anglo American empire. While they may have thought that they had successfully crushed Germany with the Treaty of Versailles, Germany came up with a system to rise from the ashes despite the West’s best efforts. So why is it that we never hear about this system? National socialism was apparently a hybrid of liberalism and communism. It allowed private property and private ownership, with companies charters issued with the state’s best interest in mind. Instead of using the state’s power to build corporations and enrich a few, the workers and people had to see a communal or social benefit.

As America and the West’s workers are slowly assimilated to the lowest common denominator, including “third” world countries, those disaffected will be looking for solutions. What better way to get them NOT to look at the National Socialist solution (which was not Hitler’s idea) then to equate their system with antisemitism and the most heavily propagandized and demonized person on the planet, Adolph Hitler.

I don’t know or say that this book is right or wrong about Hitler. What I do think is wrong is that we can’t know or learn from more than one source about history and its characters. To make it a criminal offense to investigate is the opposite of free thinking and freedom in general.

I urge all fakeologists (who know how easy it is to fake history, even reality) to review this information and make your own decisions. It’s that important that we know history so we aren’t doomed to repeat it.


On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined by author Richard Tedor. Richard and I will be discussing his book Hitler’s Revolution: Ideology, Social Programs & Foreign Affairs.

via John Friend’s Blog: The Realist Report – Richard Tedor: Hitler’s Revolution.



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Mary Mary on JFK photo-fakery

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Simon does what he does best: blow apart the JFK amateur photo forgeries:

Hey, did you know that the 27-second Zapruder film is not the only imagery (purportedly)depicting the (supposed) murder of JFK in Dealey Plaza? That’s right: just like on 9/11, several other “amateur images” slowly emerged, day after day, in the aftermath of the tragic event of 11/22/1963. From Wickedpedia: “Zapruder was not the only person who photographed at least part of the assassination; a total of 32 photographers were in Dealey Plaza.” I find it pretty amazing that, 50 years on, NO ONE has seriously looked into these alleged photographers of the event. Why would that be, hmm? What have all those famous JFK investigators been up to – in all these years? Tossing their dicks? Can it possibly be that no one has picked up on the following evidence of arrogant, in-your-face-mockery?

via View topic – JFK Zapruder: a proven fake • Cluesforum.info.

I’ve said on my many broadcasts that JFK was the first worldwide made-for-TV psyOp hoax. It’s possible, but unlikely, they’d kill one of their own. Retired an actor is more likely, but it’s is impossible to know.

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