Mary Mary on JFK photo-fakery

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Simon does what he does best: blow apart the amateur photo forgeries:

Hey, did you know that the 27-second Zapruder film is not the only imagery (purportedly)depicting the (supposed) murder of in Dealey Plaza? That’s right: just like on 9/11, several other 0;amateur images” slowly emerged, day after day, in the aftermath of the tragic event of 11/22/1963. From Wickedpedia: “Zapruder was not the only person who photographed at least part of the assassination; a total of 32 photographers were in Dealey Plaza.” I find it pretty amazing that, 50 years on, NO ONE has seriously looked into these alleged photographers of the event. Why would that be, hmm? What have all those famous JFK investigators been up to – in all these years? Tossing their dicks? Can it possibly be that no one has picked up on the following evidence of arrogant, in-your-face-mockery?

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I’ve said on my many broadcasts that JFK was the first worldwide made-for-TV hoax. It’s possible, but unlikely, they’d kill one of their own. Retired an actor is more likely, but it’s is impossible to know.

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