Seven Common Propaganda Devices

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This stuff should be taught in grade 1.

In 1982 I took a class in college that touched briefly on propaganda. The following is based upon a handout I received in the class. Although just a few simple pages, I have used it often.What is Propaganda?Propaganda is expression of opinion or action deliberately designed to influence others for a predetermined end. The propagandist does not want careful scrutiny and criticism; he wants specific action. Because the action may be socially harmful to millions of people, it is necessary to focus upon the propagandist and his activities the light of scientific scrutiny.Seven Common Propaganda DevicesWe are fooled by propaganda because we do not recognize it when we see it. There are seven common propaganda devices: Name Calling Glittering Generalities Transfer Testimonial Plain Folks Card Stacking Band Wagon

via How To Recognize Propaganda.

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