Sifting through the dirt to get to the nuggets

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A year ago, I was listening on the edge of my radioactive seat to this woman.

If my theory on the hoax of the entire nuclear story is true, than listening to this audio requires far more filtering to figure out what is going on.

Questions like:
-is polio as fake as ?
-what was Canada’s and Port Hope, Ontario’s role in the radium trade? Is radium as fake as radioactive uranium? Is this just another money scam trading rocks?
-how does pasteurization of milk fit into this? Was unsanitary production of milk the real culprit to mass disease, with pasteurization the only known solution before the nature of bacteria was discover?

I have far more questions than answers, but my underlying idea is rich men were using stand ins called scientists to create a large science based nuclear fraud that is robbing us blind to this day. Using real diseases but masking or spoofing their real causes is required to sell the story and get the herd on board.

Like a plane crashing into a building (just one) to sell a story, we see similar methods used in the selling of disease and nuclear fear. This method of propaganda use is what needs to be studied, and not the false message.

Radiation and disease; Adm. Lewis Strauss and…

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* Podcast Feed: The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast (…)

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7 thoughts on “Sifting through the dirt to get to the nuggets

  1. rickpotvin

    Ok– so the masses are the spongy foam-brained masses living in constant fear and holding onto their jobs and pensions. Setting that mass aside and looking at the evil-doers– the hoax formulators– are THEY one integrated multi-century cohesive unit (or perhaps a few competing factions) OR…. or does it look to you like the evildoers are spread out all over time and distance as disconnected and multitudinous people who variously create their own gangs to exert power over others because that’s part of the negative side of human nature?

    1. ab Post author

      I think there is an unbroken thread from the beginning of time. Not sure how loose it is or if there are breaks in the thread, but I doubt those that have all the money now are new. Great wealth and knowledge is more powerful than gold. No way those that had it have ever lost it.

      1. rickpotvin

        Ab wrote

        “I think there is an unbroken thread from the beginning of time”

        Rick says– aha! THAT– I would agree with. We don’t NORMALLY think of that as a humanly feasible trait however. We see civilizations rise and fall. Yet Ab sees an unbroken thread. Certainly that implies that something of a quasi-super human function is taking place here that is SO cohesive that it surpasses EVEN civilizations as we’ve known them. So THAT is what I would point to– what “IS” that unbroken thread?

  2. rickpotvin

    Ab- I hear you on method vs. message- however it occurs to me that there MUST be massive cooperation and coordination going on secretly. So WHO is involved in maintaining, creating and going along with this massive cognitive prison we apparently in? They cannot possibly all be acting on their own, picking up the fakery here and there and going along willy nilly. The entire parallel universe of fakery has had me fooled– surprisingly to me– so it MUST be expert at what it does. It’s self-repairing over centuries, years and days…. witness the missing plane– as well as flat earth. It must be super-human in intellect– I would be open to alien, 4th dimension, or demonic. It’s that good. It must be supremely evil since I feel so betrayed– and given only one lifetime– a short one at that– there’s no time to catch up now. So– method yes… and in addition. naming names of those who perpetrate that method. No? Yes?

    1. ab Post author

      I am not open to alien, 4th dimension or demonic. All these are constructs of those agents of deception, who are most decidedly human in form, ie. those with nothing better to do with their time. Apparently if you don’t have to struggle to survive you have lots of time on your hands to control the masses. Not everyone with money wants to lay out on the beach!

      1. rickpotvin

        Ok fine. But what about willy nilly individual go-along to get-along type of parallel universe where fakery is a result of human foibles and selfishness vs. a multi-century long continuous integrated evil operation with intent?

        1. ab Post author

          There are too few asking questions of the too few that are making things happen Rick. Try and get a 9/11 discussion going with any group and see how far you get. That is the mechanism of non-communication that the evil-doers understand and rely on to keep it going. None of the people between the pranksters and fakeologists are paying attention, and the others who are aware of something keep quiet to keep employed. Self censorship is the key to the whole game, and that’s encouraged with a constant dose of fear.

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