Bit of Watt

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Some big picture analysis with Alan Watt.

You can listen to part 2 in the links below.

Rigged System of Great Britain – Planned Society – Royal Institute of International Affairs – Revolutionary Movements, World War I and II, League of Nations – Resource Wars – Promotion of Drugs and Promiscuity – Guided Cultural Change – Effects of Technology on Society – Government Grants for Radical Change NGOs – Machinery of Business, Creation of Stars, Gender Neutral Songs, 0;Rap” Music – Contaminated Society – Revolutions – Think Tanks and Strategy – Study of Human Behaviour, Formula

* Duration 43:35, Published 10/25/13 9:01:00 PM

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1 thought on “Bit of Watt

  1. rickpotvin

    Ab- a little heads up here– it looks to me like alan watt is a shill and a type of distraction from Alan Watts with an s– somewhat like Colin Alexander was a creation to be like a Simon Shack. More at my faster forum– (sure, it’s psycnic driving the message that your blog if bloategd with gadgets– but its friendly psychic driving)– I have a TRUE Alan Watts link and you’ll see what I mean.…


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