This is what propaganda looks like in 2014

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A nice new shiny piece on 0;Missileers”  or is it “Missle-ears” (Mousekateers) from the propaganda masters, CBS.

This is a hard-to-stomach piece, full of nonsense about the fantasy nuclear bomb. While it is mean to drive fear into your subconscious, it’s also a plea for money, and lots of it. Old phones, and old floppy drives need billions to keep you safe.

The last time many of us thought about our nation’s big land-based nuclear missiles was probably during the Cold War. But today, there are nearly 450 of these giant Minuteman-3s, as they’re called, tucked away in underground silos, ready to launch, on the president’s command.

via Who’s minding the nukes? – CBS News.

The same show did a 0;newly discovered” puff rescue piece on the old evil WW2 Germany and some marked-for-death children, highlighting a 104 year old man! Surely they must be out of eyewitnesses in 2014 to invent.

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