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What a pole

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5 survive horrific crash - Toronto & GTA - News - Toronto Sun 2014-05-31 22-00-28

also note the wheel-less tire. Where did the rim go? This is similar to Simon’s TWA800 tire mystery.

Fantastic how strong the concrete utility poles are made these days. Strange, I always though they designed to shear off if hit by a car to minimize damage on impact.

Our (sim) reporter Chris Doucette explains in this article, with my highlighting of some potentially “psyop” wording:

MISSISSAUGA – A sports car was crushed and shredded after smashing into a pole as it approached a speed trap in Streetsville Friday morning.

But the five young men inside the Ford Mustang managed to survive the horrific high-speed crash, which is now being probed by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU).

It’s hard to imagine that was ever a car,” area resident Derrick Stacey said Friday, looking at the wreckage on Eglinton Ave. W., just east of Mississauga Rd.

Stacey arrived home shortly after the collision — which happened at 10:45 a.m. — so he didn’t see what happened. But he said it’s quite common for motorists to speed along the stretch of Eglinton.

Stacey said it’s not uncommon to see drivers travelling 100 km/h in the 60 km/h zone.

It’s believed the blue sports car was heading eastbound at a high rate of speed when it struck a light standard near Hewick’s Lane.

The passenger’s side of the convertible was demolished.

Jasmin Ahmad was inside her home just steps from the crash site and rushed outside after hearing “a really loud bang … a really loud, thunderous sound.”

Some of her neighbours were already helping the five men by the time she arrived outside.

Ahmad, who was stunned to learn nobody was killed in the crash, said three of the occupants were able to exit the vehicle on their own and then help their two friends who were trapped.

“They actually took the car apart to get the other two guys out,” she recalled, adding the five were “shaken up.”

And amazingly everyone remained conscious.

Ahmad said two of the youths were on the grass, badly hurt and being helped by bystanders as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

One couldn’t move his arms,” she said. “He was bleeding from his head and there was blood all over.

“The other one, same thing, but his leg was pretty badly mangled,” Ahmad said, adding both were in obvious pain but they were talking.

She said the occupants appeared to be in their early 20s.

Ahmad said landscapers working on her property told her it appeared the Mustang’s driver spotted an officer conducting radar up ahead, tried to slow down to avoid getting caught and lost control.

Other residents also claimed there was an officer with a radar gun looking for leadfoots from behind a nearby evergreen tree at the time of the crash.

Peel Regional Police refused to comment on the collision because the SIU is investigating.

But the provincial police watchdog, which probes all serious injuries or death involving cops, confirmed an officer was “conducting a radar speed check” in the vicinity when the crash occurred.

“The officer had stopped a vehicle, when another vehicle drove past and collided with a pole,” SIU spokesman Jasbir Brar said.

0 details in this report. No names of victims, hospitals, police officers – all vague generalities. Once more I ask, is this the reporting people are comfortable with in 2014 – no information at all?

via 5 survive horrific crash | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

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ep110-NASA/Space fakery discussion

likes this


Showtime: Sunday, June 1, 2014 6am EDT

Guests: Paul Clark, Simon Shack, Hoi Polloi

Topic: NASA Fakery

SPACE DEBRIS > Australian $150-million research centre:… Continue reading

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ep109-Hoi Polloi on the LMDC

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Hoi and Ab discuss Hoi’s research into the

Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC)


Who Funds the National September 11 Memorial?

Postby hoi.polloi on May 25th, 2014, 1:43 pm

More in-our-face proofs that the typical and expected Rockefellers and banking institutions that fund the news (a.k.a. propaganda), fund war campaigns and fund the rebuilding afterwards — are behind the latest destruction of the Manhattan block and the reconstruction (of the memorial and the planned financial skyscraper meant to scrape more funds from the public and into the coffers of the rich). From:…

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semi-simStern on Kimmel

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Testing the green screen technology to work out the kinks in anticipation of simSnowden interviews of 2014.

Okay, so this was a greenscreen interview, Howard in New York, Jimmy in La. The coup de grace mind you is the DRIVEL coming out their mouths. It is like Zombie Television- These guys are truly at the heart of the Mind Control- helping to stabilize the Zombification of America, while at the same time Beta testing future technology for future psyops- see pentagon psyop-wag the dog-cnn Libya-I highly doubt there is hope for the Sheeple who religiously gravitate towards this low level entertainment. Perhaps that is why Sheen is garnering so much attention, because it is a Gonzo type reverberation in the 60hz beta/zombie wave iteration???

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Nuke Hoax and 9/11

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Simon ties my two favorite psyOp/hoaxes together. This is a topic very worthy of a discussion.

As it is, the 9/11 event (what with its now heavily-promoted and proliferating “nuke-demolition” theories) provided a golden opportunity for the NNSA to reassert – in the eyes of the public – the ‘crucial importance’ of their (alleged) endeavors. And this, dear readers, is what I’m getting at : it is crucial for us all to understand precisely WHY the 9/11 controlled-opposition-crowd now keeps screaming that “Nukes did it!” – i.e, that the WTC COMPLEX was blown to bits by nuclear weapons (more likely, it was just pulled down behind a smokescreen with conventional demolition explosives. No bystanders in NYC were able to witness just how it fell).

To be sure, the word “Ground Zero” was coined / pronounced on TV on the very day of 9/11, remember? It was all part of the plan : the idea that the towers were “nuked” was an integral part of the 9/11 script and, right on cue, we now have “top investigators” such as Jim Fetzer, Gordon Duff and Dimitri Khalezov claiming that – “beyond any shadow of doubt” – the WTC complex was nuked… Unsurprisingly then, the utterly absurd digital-animation-imagery produced to depict the WTC destruction was conceived to look like some sort of mushroom-shaped, “nuclear” explosion:

Here’s the bottom line: the Nutwork (which comprises the US military and the top clowns ‘ruling’ this planet) probably consider their ol’ NUKE HOAX the most effective and successful of all of their various mass-deception schemes aired on TV – to fool the common man. Their people-surveys /statistics probably tell them that MOST people of this planet fully and uncritically buy into their big NUKE HOAX – what with the purported multinational nuke tests (by the US, France, China, UK, etc), and last but not least, into the tall tales of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Therefore, they will NEVER let go of their cherished and most effective NUKE HOAX. Seeing that their more recent (and sloppier) 9/11 HOAX is gradually being questioned / and rejected by the masses, they are now concentrating at keeping their old NUKE HOAX (aired on TV in the late ’50’s – JUST as TV came into our living rooms) alive-and-kicking in the public’s consciousness. To this day, only a minuscule part of this world’s population has questioned the reality of the A-bomb or H-bomb narratives. Yet, it is a 70-year-old hoax.

So all this is to say : NEVER underestimate the importance of the NUKE HOAX in the mind of the nutty folks running the Nutwork.

via View topic – THE NUKE HOAX •

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More talk of Sim Snowden

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Adam and John still speak as if Snowden was a real entity when analysing the latest fake interview.

At around the 45:00 Adam makes an observation that Sim Snowden is still missing a pad from his glasses’ nose mount one year later. Ouch that’s torture- if you’ve ever worn glasses you will understand.

No Agenda Episode 621 – “Gun Extremists”

* Show Notes:

* Podcast Feed: No Agenda (

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Dustban 15

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The boys are back – just the two of them.


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The Phrase “Allahu Akbar “

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The numbers are interesting, but don’t forget this is the famous phrase from 9/11 and flight 93. Apparently no real Muslim would use this phrase in this situation. Another tip that the whole event was fake.

Today it is reported that a “U.S. Jihadi” from Florida detonated a suicide bomb in Syria. CNN and other mainstream networks are showing the footage of the explosion with the familiar phrase being yelled out in the background, “Allahu Akbar!” Before today, I had never taken the time to decode this phrase, but after doing so, I’m not surprised by what I found.…

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State of fear

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The deficiency of Fear is that over time a population becomes gradually immune to Fear, requiring either a complete and deliberate destruction of social fabric followed by reconstruction of a controlled society or the inevitable loss of power by those addicted to using Fear.

via One-Heaven: Canons – Canonum De Ius Cogitatum – Canons of Cognitive Law – Article 37 – Fear.

h/t Jan Erik in

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OBF on the blue and red pills

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Our old friend of the site OBF has a great 9/11 summary.

N.B. This short essay was written primarily for the benefit of myself, to try to update/clarify my current position on all things 9/11 at this time, and also for those persons who have like myself, mostly via the research of people like Simon Shack and his Cluesforum members, reached all 3 of the “Red Pill” conclusions listed below. If you have not reached those 3 conclusions, you are free to leave your outraged/hysterical comments and/or entirely derogatory remarks, at this blog site if you like [but don’t expect a reply];

via 9/11 Video & Victim Fakery and”The Matrix”, Versus Your Freedom.

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