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Updated 5/2/14 latest torrent with its new/old internal links. I’ll update this post periodically with the latest mirror, which includes the date in its filename.

Not too many takers on the bitsync file, so I created a torrent that’s compressed and am now looking for seeders. Here’s the magnet link to it:


Copy and paste or click the above link into your favorite torrent program.

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11 thoughts on “Cluesforum torrent file

  1. columjaddica

    Is this the whole site over again or just the difference?

    Does that BTsync you tried previously have automatic revision control in such a way where you are only downloading the difference?

    I looked at btsync but I didn’t have time to figure out exactly how it works and it looked like an always-on background service kind of thing, which I don’t enable unless I understand fully.

    Regular old Bit-Torrent magnet links like this is certainly easier but downloading the whole 6-7GB every month would get unwieldy after awhile.

    1. ab Post author

      BT Sync was acting up, but perhaps the new version is better. Here is the key for cluesforum: BICUCLL43LIQJMZNNA5KAICAAQBGIG5AI

    1. ab Post author

      You seed for as long as you want. The more seeders the faster others can get a copy. It looks like there are two seeders, which means only 2 have all the file.

    1. ab Post author

      There is 1 seeder, and that’s me, according to my end. There are 10 leechers right now. I am currently connected to only 3 of them. So keep leeching and then leave it on and seed!

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