The Wonder bolt

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Jungle got me thinking of this older post.

The Wonder Bolt… 😉

Indeed, the Space Shuttle supposedly relied on this single bolt to keep its front end attached to the main fuel tank…

Sleep on it, folks – sleep on it.

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2 thoughts on “The Wonder bolt

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  2. Johan Backes

    This is truly one of my all time favourites. The so called “engineering” involved in this depiction of a spacecraft would not pass a grade 7 science fair.

    I showed this a few years ago now to an Esteemed NASA contracted engineer who worked on the CANADARM project the 80’s and he was stumped. No answer no reply just awkward silence. He has clearly been educated out of his mind and will never recover.

    Today he has been hired as the project manager of a private mission to bring man “back” to the moons surface. I hope he uses lots of wonderbolts to get the actors safely there.

    His last name rhymes with book….


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