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Just finished watching Allan’s film about truth. It appears that he was inspired by the lie of the Vietnam war and the 0;assassination” of . From there he’s motivated to awaken his old and new surf buddies, to little or no success. The film was a little too short on interviews with real people for my liking, instead focusing more on quick edits and surf. I do appreciate the t&a he was able to insert but wish he was talking to more people who are actually interested in the subject of fakeology like we are. Perhaps Allan will join here and mix it up with more like minded people.

I liken to members of small religions. No one is looking to have their world views changed and fakeology or hoaxology or truthology is no different. What is your reaction when a missionary shows up at your door? SLAM! So to expect others to see your world view is unreasonable.

They have to want to see what you’ve found. Unfortunately, it almost always takes a traumatic incident to fuel the need to discover. Interestingly, those that rule over us and our minds know this, and use traumatic events quite successfully to change our world views or thinking. Ironic, isn’t it?

Water Time: The First Seven Minutes

Click here if you’ve seen Water Time

“Allan Weisbecker has crafted a film that is at once a searing indictment of government lies and an inducement to accept a shattering of your current world-view.”

via Welcome to Allan Weisbecker’s Bandito Books.

Click the above link if you want to get the link to his youtube part 1. Allan wishes to capture viewers of the film into a database is my guess to why he wants it linked this (odd) way.

My favorite still from his movie:


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