What a Card!

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, like any movie, has its famous moments and actors. TMZ, an entertainment celebrity buzz site, rather appropriately interviews one of the opening scene actors.

9/11 is psychic driven in your brain every single day, likely for the next 100 years.

Andy Card — chief of staff for George W. Bush while he was President — probably has the most famous quote of all-time that was not heard at the time … and he re-enacted it this morning for TMZ.

Card was in D.C. this morning — coincidentally signing the famous photo taken on September 11, showing him telling the President about the World Trade Center attack.

He then stoically repeated what he told the President that day … and it’s sure to send chills down your spine.

via George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff Re-enacts Famous 9/11 Quote | TMZ.com.

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