Bill Cooper on 9/11 discussed

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This week Andrew listens in to and comments on some Bill Cooper audio from /2001. We are told Bill Cooper died in a glorious shootout soon after, conveniently silencing his defected ex-Cia entity. This seems to be how many truth or anti-government leaders go: suicide by (multiple shots) shotgun or a fiery shootout with law enforcement. Bill Cooper keeps doubters busy with great stories, some that may even be true. Of course, the concept of and complicity never gets a hearing, which of course is the possible main purpose of these ex military types coming and ultimately disappearing.

I find these audios worth a listen, even though their central goal seems to be to psychic drive the idea that people died at the hands of their evil government.

Most fakeologists realize that the victims were simulated and only a few in government if any were aware of any or all of the 9/11 plot.

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