ep102-Fakeologist Review and Raw

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Record time: Saturday, May 3, 2014 9:11pm EDT

Guests: Anyone who wants to call in to review the past few weeks of the blog




International law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and Britain’s MI6, asked Malaysian authorities to conduct intense interrogations of the 11 militants, who range in age from to 55 and include students, business professionals and a young widow, the Mail newspaper said.

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6 thoughts on “ep102-Fakeologist Review and Raw

    1. Tom Dalpra

      Oh maaan… Al Qaeda in Africa has been an obvious creeping agenda. Follow the psyop trail from 7/7 to Woolwich to Nairobi to Nigeria. The White Widow? pah! People believe this shit!

      Perhaps they won’t even admit William Onyeabor is fake…

      1. Nemesis

        She sure gets around –

        “She is being protected by some of their best fighters. They are moving her all the time, sometimes by camel or donkey.”

        “Col Hiro told the Mirror: “She was right here near Baidoa. But they have moved her all the time. Sometimes she has had to travel on a donkey and sleep in snake-infested forests.”

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