Hiroshima hoax mechanics

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Interesting video from a past guest on how even the fire bombers (not nuke bombers) would probably not have known what area of they were bombing.

This helps answer the never ending question 0;how could so many people have been in on it to keep it a secret?” Answer: easy. They probably didn’t even know what they were doing to whom and where. Only the organizers need know the big picture of ALL hoaxes. I guarantee that small groups, especially those that belong to ANY power association can keep a secret, especially if they value their bank accounts

Another of Dan’s videos, showing the similarities between the Tokyo firebombing and the /Nagasaki “nukes”.

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  1. Jan Erik

    based on World War II experience with mass fires resulting from air raids on Germany and Japan, the minimum requirements for a firestorm to develop are considered by some authorities to be the following: (1) at least 8 pounds of combustibles per square foot of fire area (40 kg per square meter), (2) at least half of the structures in the area on fire simultaneously, (3) a wind of less than 8 miles per hour at the time, and (4) a minimum burning area of about half a square mile.
    —Glasstone and Dolan (1977).



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