Jesse Ventura on 9/11

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The guy who got me thinking about the whole hoax has a pack of new videos out. Too bad he’s still at the Judy Wood stage. Imagine if he considered September Clues? Feel free to add any comments you’d like on his youtube channel to suggest the idea to him.

h/t Wade

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2 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura on 9/11

  1. ab Post author

    Yes isn’t it amazing how he cannot see the links between the hoaxes. I’ll give him credit, however, for helping to open my eyes. Why everyone does end up where I am is part of the mystery, whether it be deliberate or not.

  2. FauxCapitalist

    After coming out with his 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You To Read, he came out with an opinion piece saying there wasn’t anything suspicious about Sandy Hook (nothing to see here, folks, except some old documents about past events).…

    His deep association with Alex Jones and his talk of running for President in 2016 with Howard Stern as his running mate makes his credibility questionable in my books.…


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