What are we looking at?

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We are convinced we are not looking at a real scene. This helps explain the casual nature of the rescuers.

Is there any verifiable video of what a real rescue of anyone anywhere looks and sounds like?

We know there is no verifiable video of a plane deliberately crashed into a skyscraper anywhere ever. Therefore we are willing to accept the imagery we were shown on 9/11. Without a reference or baseline in reality (movies or simulations do not count) it is difficult to know what real is to our six senses.

FEMA Ground Zero Part 1 of 4:

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10 thoughts on “What are we looking at?

  1. khammad

    Green bar continuous feed perforated dot matrix printer paper.

    According to Wikidpedia, dot matrix printers were phased out in the 1990’s as desk top publishing took over with inkjet and laser printers.

    It almost appears that we are looking at a refuse pile, like from when offices are being cleaned up for other renters.

    “Throw it all in a pile boys, it will remind the viewers that this rubble pile used to be modern offices.”

    I could be wrong, but on the green bar paper it looks like the date is

    11/ 9/ 94

  2. khammad

    Look how steel can get so hot it can bend and melt yet paper, such as the piece below stuck to a steel beam and gently blowing int the wind, remains intact.

    OR, could it be that paper from 2001 was just all fireproof.

    Was there a 911 Commission report on why steel melted but paper did not burn in the same environment?

  3. khammad

    A very special PhotoOp:

    This rescue worker magically, from his dirt bucket, pulls out a red apple, in the Big Apple, and eats it standing amid the pile of rubble.

    Was this meant to be iconic?

  4. khammad

    To make it more realistic, actors should not look at the camera. See previous post on PhotoOps.

    1. khammad

      In order for a PhotoOp to happen, all the stars must align:

      Stand together in a flock
      Whole flock takes masks off
      Flock faces the camera man
      Flock temporarily stops the rescue work and stands still

      In several of the frames, you can see this all come together. In the video, you can also see parts of the flock taking direction before a PhotoOp.

  5. Blue Moon

    I suspect we are looking at a combo platter of CGI and Oliver Stone’s set for World Trade Center- There was a huge fire down the street from where I work a couple of months ago and the clean up for even that relatively small ruin of an apartment complex was highly organized, very deliberate and included only personnel with specific tasks and working only in areas where there were no further dangers of collapses- In this footage none of those protocols appear to be observed- There is no uniformity of purpose and personnel milling around where only bulldozers and crane hooks would be working- Plus, I suspect they would work from the outside edges in rather than walk all over the top of the rubble- Shenanigans!

    1. annspinwall4

      Wow, I just happened to find this as I was looking around. If this was supposed to be a couple of days later, there is just too much funny business going on. These guys would be somber and not smiling for the camera. They definitely don’t seem to have assigned jobs….just milling around…which would be very dangerous if the environment wasn’t controlled….and the guy with the apple??? what a crock of crap


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