Jack Ruby butt melt

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Simon looks at the very fake looking Lee Harvey Oswald 0;assassination”.

“The OSWALD killing by JACK RUBY” – a TV soap opera?

Good heavens: this 11/22 1963 event is all starting to look like a ‘carbon-copy-precursor’ to the image--based hoax of 2001. Am I surprised? Nah – not really – but I think it is high time for the American people (and the rest of the world) to understand the gravity of our current situation. We (the people) have allowed a bunch of deranged, social misfits (for lack of a better term) to take control of our planet’s information. And as long as we do nothing about it – they’ll keep keeping on.

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15 thoughts on “Jack Ruby butt melt

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  2. Chubbs

    Blue Moon,

    OK im sry but I dont see why you would think some people would not be comfortable with such a lie?? just because you would not be? that’s called projection, plz wake up dude!!



  3. Chubbs

    Ok Ab I know you like to kiss some Simon azz, but plz give Dallasgoldbug some credit on JFK, even if you think he is a dis-info agent, give him some credit for his breakdown on the Oswald shooting, well done in my opinion, Just look from 31:10 to 36:55 www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmCkS3… And no, I do not agree with all he says!!! Not really sure what to make of the guy!!


    1. Blue Moon

      Goldbugger is a condemned house in a row of mansions- He’s there to bring surrounding property value down- Sure he has nuggets (gold bugs) to draw you in- But he poisons them with ridiculous premises, like Lady Gaga is/was Amy Winehouse, etc.- And his CV has spook written all over it- He’s the Oliver Stone of fakeology-

      1. Chubbs

        And that would be your opinion, SO Simon is right about everything he says?? get real, just opinion and conjecture, and well I have to say, DID You know his brothers racing car was sponsored by the Bin Laden family? That does not mean Simon has anything to do with the Bin Ladens, but hey, could make you wonder, I’m not making that up, ask Simon about it!!!

        1. Shane

          Chubbs your talking about Mario Hytten, who used to be a racing driver:

          Also Simon’s father (Eyvind Hytten) worked for the European Social Development Programme Unit of the United Nations Office at Geneva, Switzerland (United Nations Children’s Fund).

        2. simonshack


          You can indeed just ask me about it. Just call me on skype – I’ll be glad to chat with you about it – and (hopefully) clear up for you any of your doubts about me – “Binladen-connections” and all.

          My skype username is “simon.shack”

          If you have read the shit written about me (and my family) on the Let’s Troll forum – have you not also read my many patient replies to it over there? Anyhow, feel free to call me anytime – as I can well understand that someone out there may still harbor doubts about my integrity, given the ever-growing efforts deployed to discredit my efforts. And no, I do not claim to be always right – but any mistakes of mine are honest mistakes. We fallible human beings all do some from time to time. I’m sure you do too.

          sincerely yours


          1. Chubbs


            Look, I did not bring that up to try and discredit you in any way, I do not know if you are collecting a paycheck from the so called NWO, or if you are the real deal, I dont care, you present information with your opinion and critical thought, I take from that what feels right to me and leave the rest, same thing goes with Goldbug, but at the end of the day its MY responsibility as a true free thinking individual as to what I do with the information I read and see, no matter who is presenting it(in this so called fakeologist mind set would you expect any different?), MY point was simply to say, that you can have doubts about anyone and their motivations, maybe not a good thing, but when you realize you live in a world of lies, it becomes hard to trust anyone or anything, I think you will understand that!!!

            That set aside, I would like your opinion on Goldbugs analysis of the Oswald footage!! www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmCkS3… 31:10 to 36:55 I thought it was good!!

            And yes I do feel Ab kisses your azz a bit, just being honest!!



  4. Blue Moon

    Fraternities, lodges, clubs, societies, secret or not, charitable groups, aid organizations, militaries, police forces- All of these collectives, if backed by the psycholigarchs, are designed to corral and direct in a certain direction an individual’s desire, whether decent or otherwise, to participate in activities with likeminded fellows-
    As has been said before, control of the media is critical to aiming these desires in particular directions- Media in Rome were the roads- The roads were specifically designed to corral and direct traffic in the directions Rome wanted- Cut to today and television is (was?) the major information highway, in the hands of a few likeminded fellows who have controlled mass perception since its inception-
    Of course The JFK Show, from start to finish, was a television production, and a badly staged one at that- But as I have argued in the past, the sloppiness is a deliberate part of the show- I maintain that these participants announce what they are going to do, then do it, then admit it- This is the only way many of the participants involved can cope with what they’ve done- They are not humane but they are human and humans have to process stress and guilt and shame or they will suffer dire consequences with regards to their physical and mental wellbeing-
    As well, the execution of these ritual dramas require that no one is subject to prosecution so the dramas don’t actually involve a crime- This, too, is a great relief to the participants who won’t spend the rest of their lives stressed about being arrested or worse- This also allows a freer hand at recruiting participants, likely through fraternal orders (Masonry/Church/Police/Mafia etc.)
    As to the specifics of Oswald/Ruby, beyond Simon’s as always excellent observations, just the script of this farce should reveal its fictional nature- I suppose a point blank gut shot from a revolver could kill instantly, but the consensus is that a wound in the abdomen takes a little while to be fatal- But even that aside, Ruby must have known that a point blank shot to the head would definitely do the trick so why didn’t he just shove the barrel under Oswald’s chin or in his ear?
    Everything about this incident is staged, from the klieg lights and cameras to the stiff, processional feel of the entrance on stage of the victim and his handlers- The scrum after the shot does not suggest shock or surprise by anyone involved, save the commentators who are terrible at ad-libbing- Rather than sound surprised, they fumble around, trying to put a coherent sentence together and simply seem incapable of speaking without their scripts in hand- And Ruby never fires a second shot although he dives in apparently to do so- And if you look closely at the KRLD footage, one of the clowns lending a hand to tackle Ruby even has the wherewithal to free up his other hand by blithely chomping down on his cigar-
    Follow through footage of Oswald being wheeled into Parkland Hospital reveals his torso laid bare and not a scratch, burn mark or bloodstain can be found- This blatant admission that nothing actually happened now requires the public to answer back- They did not- The perpetrators shrug and say: You had your chance- Not my fault you’re in the sheep pen…. And so forth….

    1. Chubbs

      I disagree, the people who act in these fake events, DO NOT have any regrets or a conscience about the LIE they have perpetrated, They are actors, just another days work for them, do you feel bad when you go to work and get paid for the job you do??? As for the mistakes I feel they do not do it on purpose, think of a Hollywood movie, If you look carefully most times you will find mistakes in the movies, props, timeline, etc… when they produce a movie they have lots of time to edit and re-edit, yet there are still mistakes in movies, not done on purpose, I just would like all of you to stop projecting onto these people yourselves, you have a conscience, a certain world view, why would you assume they have the same too???

      1. Blue Moon

        Processing guilt and shame and whatnot is not me projecting my personality onto others- That process is a very basic aspect of human nature- It is one of the survival instincts that comes standard to mankind- Even on a need to know basis, most (not all- some of those Dallas cops were truly psychotic) of the so-called actors likely had some secure rationale for what they were doing and follow up maintenance (ie, money) to buttress their convictions- And participating in the “assassination” of the President is not just another day at the office- There’s following orders and then there is FOLLOWING ORDERS-

        1. Chubbs

          Participating in the Assassination?? what fucking Assassination??? It was basically a movie skit, why would they feel any guilt, no one died no one got hurt, I think you are an Idiot!!!

          1. Blue Moon

            Chubbs, you are being selectively literal- And you are in a convoluted way agreeing with me- No one feels guilt because no one died- But, my contention is that they have to admit it- I don’t like the doctrine of Revelation of the Method but they do reveal their work incrementally to relieve the stress that comes with harboring a lie- As for being an idiot, you may be right, but I’m never a useful one-

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