Dealey Plaza fauxtographers

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Simon doing what he does best, deconstructing the Dealey Plaza story. I’ve mentioned many times that I thought the 0;in broad daylight” hoax was a template for , including the Warren/9-11 Commission sideshow.

The JFK IMAGERY HOAX – a ‘9/11 template’ ?

a brief, no-nonsense reality check of the JFK murder narrative

Alright, so I have been diligently studying the JFK case lately and, specifically, scrutinizing and cataloging the available ‘JFK murder in Dealey Plaza’ imagery. Well, not ALL of it (yet), but a pretty sizeable bunch of it. It has been a truly fascinating journey – trudging around the labyrinth made up of countless websites dealing with the JFK event. The plethora of diverging theories around this (utterly unsolved) case must be the most mind-numbing roller-coaster you’d EVER wanna ride! So be warned – and think twice before plunging into the JFK ‘conspiracy spiderweb’ – as I just did. It is a VERY time-consuming affair !

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