Dustban 13

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Seems I wasn’t the only one having audio problems last week. Otherwise, a good call as always.



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  1. Banazîr Galbasi

    Dust Ban. (A) Rollo 13
    Recorded 2014-05-03. Guests: Rollo, Mark, Columjaddica and Videre.       
    Part I
    WHAT DOES IT TAKE, Waking Up with Ab and September Clues, Ways to Inform the Public, Jungle Surfer, Media, The Younger Generation, Advertising, Rethink 9/11, Getting Bought Out and Silenced, Hijacking the Airwaves, Occultic Rituals and do They really Mean it?, Alistair Crowley, Truman Beings, A Need for Moderation, Rollo Leaves? Pump up the Volume, The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, Get Smart, Flashy Campaigns, Re-Dac-U-Las, Careless Whispers, Sterling Racism, Inside Baseball, Mainstream Video Game.
    Part II
    Cigarettes, Rawlo, Dissing Ab?, All Alone, SOMEONE TO TALK TO, A Rollo 13, Military Men, Cranky Soldiers, Goodfellas,imadeamistakeillmoveon.org, Voice Actors, Hank Azaria (voice of Apu), The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, Jodie Foster, Ronald Regan Assassination Attempt, Golf Fakery, Green Screen, Fiction, Sandy Hoax, Binary Death, Sending Children to War, First Blood, Dead and Traumatized Families,   Waterboarding, The Wicker Man, The Conjuring, More Whispers, Prong, Clerks, Kevin Smith, Crocodile Dundee, Infadelity, Donnie Brasco, Remakes, Peter Falk, TV Shows, References, Dallas Goldbug, The President’s Head is Missing, JFK Jr., Armed Robbery, The Obsurdity of the Law, Chris Kendall vs. Lawton Oklahoma, Traffic Tickets, Talking Smack, Young, Dumb and full of… Fun, Psyop Games, Life Before Video Games, Arcades, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, Our McDonalds Future, Taking a Beating in the Good Ol’ Days, Taking Stress Out on Children, Aboriginal Ideals, Commercial Spaceflight, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Game Consoles, Godzilla, DB 13 So Far, Self Censorship, Fakeologist Ep 102, Demolition and Resurrection, Tickle Bombs, Even More Whispering, Be Kind Rewind, Star Wars Episode VII, The Blues Brothers, Ghost Busters 3, Back to the Future, Rewriting History, The Fly, Sex With Your Clothes On, Jon Voight, Videre Falls Asleep, DB Lite, and A Whole Lotta Swearing, High Tensions and Technical Problems, STATE OF THE NATION.

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