ep104-JFK deconstruction with Simon Shack

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Record time: Friday, May 9, 2014

I talk with Simon Shack, who continues his research into the JFK imagery. Why can someone deconstruct in a days in weeks what others have ignored (deliberately) for 50 years? Analyse his simple analysis and see if you agree.

Apologies for the lousy audio. We had connection problems and did it from the fakeologist mobile studio.



The JFK IMAGERY HOAX – a ‘9/11 template’ ?
a brief, no-nonsense reality check of the JFK murder narrative

Alright, so I have been diligently studying the JFK case lately and, specifically, scrutinizing and cataloging the available ‘JFK murder in Dealey Plaza’ imagery. Well, not ALL of it (yet), but a pretty sizeable bunch of it. It has been a truly fascinating journey – trudging around the labyrinth made up of countless websites dealing with the JFK event. The plethora of diverging theories around this (utterly unsolved) case must be the most mind-numbing roller-coaster you’d EVER wanna ride! So be warned – and think twice before plunging into the JFK ‘conspiracy spiderweb’ – as I just did. It is a VERY time-consuming affair ! :lol:


“The OSWALD killing by JACK RUBY” – a TV soap opera?

Good heavens: this 11/22 1963 JFK event is all starting to look like a ‘carbon-copy-precursor’ to the image-fakery-based hoax of 9/11 2001. Am I surprised? Nah – not really – but I think it is high time for the American people (and the rest of the world) to understand the gravity of our current situation. We (the people) have allowed a bunch of deranged, social misfits (for lack of a better term) to take control of our planet’s information. And as long as we do nothing about it – they’ll keep keeping on.







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due2romney (@due2romney)
3 years ago

Episode 104…

anthonycarallo (@anthonycarollo)
6 years ago

I noticed the MM names awhile ago and couldn’t believe that wasn’t a tipoff a long time ago.