2 thoughts on “Montel on the 9/11 green screen set

  1. Banazîr Galbasi

    All these videos of the days following 9/11 are starting to bring back some memories for me. David Letterman’s first appearance after the big day always had struck a chord with me as someone who is always silly was brought crashing down to earth and had to be serious for a while. I have to say that 9/11 didn’t directly shock me but the interference of my beloved TV programmes did hit close to home (being the obedient slave that I was).


    I don’t recall watching too much Regis at the time but his words about how “this is an ongoing story” are spot on.


    Both shows plant nicely what we were supposed to be thinking at the time.

    I like this video of the morning of September 11th before the movie began. If real it shows the World Trade Center standing proudly in its final hour (which it is not).


    Finally the supposedly incredibly sloppy NBC network as it struggles to run their version of the movie of the week with our favorite Matt Lauer (just for fun).


    Someone should try to get ahold of the very flamboyant Howard Hughes fan to see if he can remember where he was on the morning in question.

    Good call on the tape khammad!

  2. khammad

    I noticed on the close-ups on the missing persons walls, that mostly all the same tape was used. Did all the family members call each other to gather at the same time to tape up their pictures of missing loved ones?

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