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Wolfgang Halbig and Fetzer go to Sandy Hook

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I don’t know what to think of this. I have heard that Wolfgang (and Fetzer) are controlled opposition, but I can’t see exactly how that may manifest in this case. The opposition and obstruction they are getting while asking questions seems to make sense.

If what they say is true (and the plan to release the video) about the obstruction at the United Way offices for West CT, then this certainly makes things look very bad for the officials of the area that are no doubt complicit or were spoofed in this hoax.


The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Wolfgang Halbig / Kelly from Tulsa.

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In every man’s dreams

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Some psyOps are for men only.

A wealthy Briton has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of holding a harem of women against their will and fathering at least seven children with them.

In a strange twist it was also claimed that some of the women, who were from wealthy backgrounds, paid the villa rent of pounds 6,500 a month.

Mr. Shojai was understood to be married to one of the women, a 33-year-old Danish mother of two. But it is not clear whether she was among the accusers.

via British millionaire arrested for holding ‘harem of young models’ against their will, fathering children with them | National Post.

I’m pretty sure, as in business, it’s cheaper to rent beautiful women than to own them. I can only imagine what it’d be like to get a woman to pay me to stay at my villa for my pleasure.

PsyOp rating: Creativity:B+  Believability: D

Clearly none of these psyOp writers are married.

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Michael Jackson Death Hoax/DCP

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Rick reposted this old post, but it’s still worth a look. The only think I didn’t see was the replacing of (multiple) Michael Jackson(s) over the years. The key is that all major pop stars are culture creation vehicles to promote major memes. If they’re popular, then really can’t be allowed to “die” until they’ve been fully utilized.

Since you are here – it means that you too also question the ‘death’ of Michael Jackson. The truth is that it was indeed staged, and Michael is STILL ALIVE.

Lets get to the facts – bottom line you will see is that THE STORY DOES NOT ADD UP:

via Michael Jackson Is NOT Dead | Michael Jackson is not dead, it is a staged death – Just a Hoax- He is STILL Alive..

Questioning the Omaha beach imagery

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There’s a lot of imagery surrounding WW2. What’s real, and what’s Hollywool? Yes, I believe men died fighting, but how exactly did it happen and in what numbers?

We distrust their media and their images, so we can only guess and pick apart the evidence.

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Love letters

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Update 5/14/14: More from Chubbs: (who I don’t hate, but I do dislike the threatening tone if not outright threats)

On a last note I do appreciate you posting my last FEEDBACK, however I have never threatened anyone, so do not say LIES about me, I may have been rude, but I have never threatened anyone, that makes you a LIAR!! I guess I’m from Alberta and I’m kind of a Redneck, I’m not too politically correct, BUT I am HONEST, YOU do not seem to be!!!

It is your SITE, do with it what you will!!!

Guess this is not a place for me, Never got along with people from the East, Maybe that’s the case here, not sure!!

No worries, WE are ALL GOING to DIE!!!

Good BYE!! Tim!!(Will I see you in Heaven or HELL??)


lf you are really HONEST and FAIR, Id like you to post this as well, to be fair to me!!!

Chubbs writes:

Looks like you banned me from chat, its ok, so much for free speech, Fuck you, this site is a joke, disagreeing with what you think gets be me banned?? or cause I think u kiss Simons ass?? really?? u are a fucking tool TIM, censorship is control, guess you are like the rest of the media, that being the case you are a fraud, If by chance I cant log into chat for the reason stated, Then I apologize for the above statement. Everything is controlled why not you too??

When did this blog pretend to be free speech? It’s MEspeech, my content. I am fine with people disagreeing with me, but in a respectful, thoughtful way. Insulting and threatening emails are not necessary and not tolerated. Yes I am controlled — by my own good judgment. I try and monitor the site as best I can, and I do take feedback seriously. That includes members that notice disruptive posts or chats.

I remind all users who don’t agree with my POV to check out free blog platforms, twitter, or even the languishing Google +. All allow “free” speech.

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Proof of puppetry

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John and Adam were talking about how Obama, who, as a live person, is strictly controlled and literally cannot talk to anyone about any meaningful topic. Plausible deniability could be to simply pretend he has to avoid controversy, but I think the real reason is he is simply an actor that is fed his lines.


The myth of “anyone can become president” is as persistent and as impossible as “America is the best country in the world“. Both are psyOps in their own right.

via Obama Isn’t Allowed to Talk Politics | No Agenda 616 – Jihadi Disneyland – No Agenda Player.

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Sacrifice weekend

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I am certain that many of the fatal collisions are staged to scare the many stupid motorists on the road. This picture certainly looks like one of them — in the middle of a farm town on its slow moving main street.

The nine-year-old girl who was killed was on her way to church when the woman driving the car she was in made a left turn and collided with a fertilizer sprayer truck. Three other children in the vehicle were treated for minor injuries

Here’s another alleged victim, with a familiar story:

“He was a handful – he had ADHD and behavioural issues that made him tough to work with at times – but I tell you that kid had a heart of gold,” his stepmom Shelly Wilde said.

Who speaks of the dead, especially their child, this way? Answer: no-one real.

Does this scene look real or staged?

Does this picture look real or staged? How can so much damage occur when starting off from stop during a left hand turn?

via Deadly weekend on Southwestern Ontario roads | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun.

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