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Update 5/14/14: More from Chubbs: (who I don’t hate, but I do dislike the threatening tone if not outright threats)

On a last note I do appreciate you posting my last FEEDBACK, however I have never threatened anyone, so do not say LIES about me, I may have been rude, but I have never threatened anyone, that makes you a LIAR!! I guess I’m from Alberta and I’m kind of a Redneck, I’m not too politically correct, BUT I am HONEST, YOU do not seem to be!!!

It is your SITE, do with it what you will!!!

Guess this is not a place for me, Never got along with people from the East, Maybe that’s the case here, not sure!!

No worries, WE are ALL GOING to DIE!!!

Good BYE!! Tim!!(Will I see you in Heaven or HELL??)


lf you are really HONEST and FAIR, Id like you to post this as well, to be fair to me!!!

Chubbs writes:

Looks like you banned me from chat, its ok, so much for free speech, Fuck you, this site is a joke, disagreeing with what you think gets be me banned?? or cause I think u kiss Simons ass?? really?? u are a fucking tool TIM, censorship is control, guess you are like the rest of the media, that being the case you are a fraud, If by chance I cant log into chat for the reason stated, Then I apologize for the above statement. Everything is controlled why not you too??

When did this blog pretend to be free speech? It’s MEspeech, my content. I am fine with people disagreeing with me, but in a respectful, thoughtful way. Insulting and threatening emails are not necessary and not tolerated. Yes I am controlled — by my own good judgment. I try and monitor the site as best I can, and I do take feedback seriously. That includes members that notice disruptive posts or chats.

I remind all users who don’t agree with my POV to check out free blog platforms, twitter, or even the languishing Google +. All allow 0;free” speech.

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