Michael Jackson Death Hoax/DCP

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Rick reposted this old post, but it’s still worth a look. The only think I didn’t see was the replacing of (multiple) Michael Jackson(s) over the years. The key is that all major pop stars are culture creation vehicles to promote major memes. If they’re popular, then really can’t be allowed to 0;die” until they’ve been fully utilized.

Since you are here – it means that you too also question the ‘death’ of Michael Jackson. The truth is that it was indeed staged, and Michael is STILL ALIVE.

Lets get to the facts – bottom line you will see is that THE STORY DOES NOT ADD UP:

via Michael Jackson Is NOT Dead | Michael Jackson is not dead, it is a staged death – Just a Hoax- He is STILL Alive..

1 thought on “Michael Jackson Death Hoax/DCP

  1. Gwynned

    There’s a bit of a contradiction here. IF Michael Jackson is a ‘character’ in a show, how can he really ‘die’? Or, which of the Michaels actually died, if someone died, and why not just keep it quiet and replace him? If, as the article suggest, ‘Michael’ (a real person) wanted to Xscape (his new album), why leave so many obvious and humorous clues? And what are we to make of the promotion for the upcoming Billboard Music Awards in which MJ will appear as a hologram and during which ‘HE will introduce his new album.’

    Are they bringing him back from the dead? WHO is behind this? And for what purpose?

    ‘He’ once said he wanted the world’s attention. The return of the Moonwalker would certainly stop the world in its tracks. Wonder what he wants to tell us?


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