Questioning the Omaha beach imagery

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There’s a lot of imagery surrounding WW2. What’s real, and what’s Hollywool? Yes, I believe men died fighting, but how exactly did it happen and in what ?

We distrust their media and their images, so we can only guess and pick apart the evidence.

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2 thoughts on “Questioning the Omaha beach imagery

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  2. Blue Moon

    Things I’ve read over the years:
    The Nazis went underground in May of 1943 after Reinhard Gehlen and Allan Dulles reached an agreement on the integration of both the US and Nazi intelligence services- Operation Paperclip is one of the results; a plan to smuggle Nazi scientists into the US- A part of Operation Sunrise, run out of the Vatican by the future Pope Paul VI, with assistance from the future John Paul II and William Casey, future CIA director under Ronald Reagan, to set up a ratline to get Nazis emigrating to other countries as priests, was another-
    An agreement was also reached that the Allies in the west would meet with less resistance and have roads and bridges left standing to facilitate advancement as far east as possible- Stalin was said to openly accuse his allies of having made such an agreement with the enemy-
    D-Day’s official story has the German high command, and the leader of the Normandy defenses, Erwin Rommel, standing down because everyone was convinced that a landing there was impossible at that time (6/6/44 at 6:30am) due to weather- That’s nice plausible deniability in relation to Stalin’s suspicions-
    Omaha Beach is said to have been fogged in or too overcast for bombers to hit their targets, thus leaving the German defenses intact- Omaha Beach is only 5 miles wide- I’m no meteorologist but how can beach front get fogged in while a few miles away the Utah, Juno, Gold and Sword beaches are clear enough for bombing?
    Matthew Brady, the Civil War photographer, was said to have moved dead bodies around on battlefields to affect greater dramatic impact- Some carvings on ancient monuments celebrating victories in battle have been identified as having embellished the exploits of the local ruler- Wherever there is a war, both sides will tell their own version- If there was any real skirmish at Omaha, the pictures are almost certainly after the fact and are likely reenactments (Like the raising of the flag on Mt. Suribachi at Iwo Jima)

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