Sacrifice weekend

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I am certain that many of the fatal collisions are staged to scare the many stupid motorists on the road. This picture certainly looks like one of them — in the middle of a farm town on its slow moving main street.

The nine-year-old girl who was killed was on her way to church when the woman driving the car she was in made a left turn and collided with a fertilizer sprayer truck. Three other children in the vehicle were treated for minor injuries

Here’s another alleged victim, with a familiar story:

0;He was a handful – he had ADHD and behavioural issues that made him tough to work with at times – but I tell you that kid had a heart of gold,” his stepmom Shelly Wilde said.

Who speaks of the dead, especially their child, this way? Answer: no-one real.

Does this scene look real or staged?

Does this picture look real or staged? How can so much damage occur when starting off from stop during a left hand turn?

via Deadly weekend on Southwestern Ontario roads | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun.

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