Wolfgang Halbig and Fetzer go to Sandy Hook

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I don’t know what to think of this. I have heard that Wolfgang (and Fetzer) are controlled opposition, but I can’t see exactly how that may manifest in this case. The opposition and obstruction they are getting while asking questions seems to make sense.

If what they say is true (and the plan to release the video) about the obstruction at the United Way offices for West CT, then this certainly makes things look very bad for the officials of the area that are no doubt complicit or were spoofed in this hoax.


The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer podcast: Wolfgang Halbig / Kelly from Tulsa.

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4 thoughts on “Wolfgang Halbig and Fetzer go to Sandy Hook

  1. khammad

    Wolfgang Halbig spent a good portion of the audio complaining about the money gathering of the United Way on behalf of Sandy Hook, then says he, himself, needs money to find out what the United Way did with their money.

    WHAT?!?!? Really Wolfgang?!?! You need people to donate money to YOU, so that you can find out what happened to the money that was donated to the United Way?

    This sounds like two sides of the same coin. You can donate to the “Sandy Hook was real fund” or you can donate to the “Sandy Hook was not real fund”.

    Now, everyone can donate, regardless of their Sandy Hook position. Yay!!!

    Very clever Wolfgang. Did you come up with this idea all by yourself? Of course you did because you’ve done it a few times before. It appears that dear Wolfgang has been running money scams. His latest is asking for $100,000 for this technology only he can get started to stop the bullying of kids of other religions/sexuality/etc.

    In the pic, Wolfgang is the one in the white shirt. His friend is the one dressed “like a patriot”. To show up at council meeting dressed like that signifies these two are not looking for the truth but are instead sensationalizing their journey to the truth for personal gain.

  2. Tom Dalpra

    Hold on a moment, you have ‘heard’ Fetzer is controlled opposition, Ab? Surely we know
    Fetzer is controlled opposition? Exactly the same with Jesse Ventura. No debate, at all, at this point, surely?

    1. ab Post author

      Sometimes even I can get fooled. Would controlled opposition really go to all this trouble, if in fact they’re going to the trouble AT ALL? My guess is the actors are almost NEVER challenged by anybody ever. This seems to be a first, which is also suspicious. This is why I bring these posts to the fakeologist court. My commenters are often more perceptive than I.

  3. aralsea

    This episode of Fetzer was really quite good. He does sound very credible and helping to debunk Sandy Hook. Although there is reference to support from Alex Jones which is a red flag, this one is worth a listen even to the skeptical.


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