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Big lottery payout, 11 style

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I’ll send this story through our numerological whiz’s filters (Zach) to see what he can see.

All our favorite power numbers (9,11) seem to be here.

She wasn’t sure if it was dogmatically proper, but last Friday night Sophie Rizavas prayed to Jesus for money.

The 63-year-old North York grandmother was juggling four jobs as a cleaning lady, while her husband drove airport limos. She wanted them both to retire.

That’s when Rizavas heard she’d actually won the Lotto Max jackpot: $50 million, plus an extra $5 for the Encore bonus on her ticket. ($50,000,005)

Rizavas immigrated to Canada with her husband in 1970 — exactly 44 years to the day before she won the lottery, she said Tuesday.


via Cleaning lady cleans up with $50M Lotto Max win | Toronto Star.

Zack’s take: freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2…

What you have just read, is pure bullshit.  This is what a psychological operation looks like in progress, in the mainstream media.  This is the “almost unbelievable” story that is meant to make you feel like there is some hope out there for you.  Well, the good news is there is hope out there for you; but not for the reasons the ’33’ is selling you.  You’re probably not going to ever win the $50,000,000 lottery, just as Sophie Rizavas DID NOT either.  Remember, this is a hoax.

I now have a thorough distrust of lotteries and charities, thanks to our psyOp hoaxsters. How far are they willing to go to create distrust in government that the local bookie looks honest? Has this mafia taken over every institution on the planet?

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Howard Stern September 11, 2001

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I am still a Howard Stern listener as someone who listens to and studies radio. Many haven’t heard his show on 9/11/2001, so here it is.

His main spokeshole on 9/11, Crazy Cabbie, has long since disappeared from the show.

via Howard Stern September 11, 2001 Complete Show – YouTube.

Howard Stern on cluesforum

Stern Show on Sept 10, 2011

Updated 5/13 for Banazir: Added mp3 audio for download


Update 5/14: Listener noplanes weighs in on the complicity of Stern:

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