Howard Stern September 11, 2001

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I am still a listener as someone who listens to and studies radio. Many haven’t heard his show on /2001, so here it is.

His main spokeshole on 9/11, Crazy Cabbie, has long since disappeared from the show.

via Howard Stern September 11, 2001 Complete Show – YouTube.

Howard Stern on cluesforum

Stern Show on Sept 10, 2011

Updated 5/13 for Banazir: Added mp3 audio for download


Update 5/14: Listener noplanes weighs in on the complicity of Stern:

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8 thoughts on “Howard Stern September 11, 2001

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  2. Blue Moon

    Loathe as I am to agree with anything Robin Quivers emits, but I had the exact same reaction that day- It looked like a Schwarzenegger movie- Another example, in my opinion, of admittance of complicity to a non-existent crime- They’re off the morality hook and free from prosecution- Silverstein’s “Pull it”- Same thing- The BBC’s premature call on building 7- These are confessions- As well, the ongoing release of imagery that gets picked apart like moths chowing down on a suit is admittance- They know by now the fakery will be exposed and so they keep releasing stuff- They can get away with it because there is no institutional authority for such forensic evidence to appeal to- It’s a dare to get the people to rise up- They know that won’t happen and so we are blamed for our unwillingness to do something in our defense and therefore deserve, in fact, caused the abusers to do what they do- It’s our fault- Classic redirection of blame-
    Let’s go wide here- 911 to my mind signaled a symbolic end to the form of social organization known as the nation state and the government structure that defines a nation- Like Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette’s stage show beheadings that symbolically brought the notion of the divine right of kings to a close, 911’s most important message has been that there is no longer any real governmental structure to even the playing field- Corporatism is not even an open secret- It is the acknowledged norm- The hollow form of traditional government is now seen by all as simply an instrument of the global corporations and cartels-
    Yes, royalty lasted beyond the French Revolution, but by the end of WWI it was clear that the remaining monarchies had lost all their power along the way and were left merely as figure heads- The current Actor-in-Chief is about as hollow a figurehead as one can be- The fact that this sadistic boys club will allow a crone like Hilary to be the next figurehead is a further indication that government is as empty of influence as the two towers were of people on 911- It will take another couple of generations at least to shed the remaining skin of this moribund system (those frogs aren’t anywhere near the boiling point yet) but it seems to me, unfortunately, that this is inevitable-
    Hell, even the Jesus myth can be viewed at a similar angle- Start with bloody violence- An execution- Then a miraculously transcendent resurrection- A conquering of the old order and institution of a new “covenant”- The greatest magic show of all time- And what does “catholic” mean but “universal”- A globalization of the individual under one standard of behavior, simultaneously emancipating the individual from tribal constraints and locking him down to a catholic doctrine of rewards and punishments, redeemable wherever a church may be found- Yes, the battlefield is always between your ears- Can I get an Amen!

        1. rickpotvin

          Ab, he sounds like he could have a lot more to say than a comments section in a blog could be reasonably expected to accomodate. I’m trying to get a better idea of what his position is on many other issues than the few that he responds to here. Since he hasn’t answered, I’ll assume he considers his responses here sufficient. I tried. No harm in asking. Suffice it to say that I would disagree with him on the business of the nation-state. Governments are not empty of influence yet. History is still in the making. The 600 year history of the nation-state and public credit concept over private central banking exists and is defending itself in the example of Russia, of all countries, right now. BlueMoon seems to convey the feeling that it’s already over but I don’t think it is. Larouche is a good guide to Classical political economy. Blue Moon can see that at as can your other readers. I just didn’t want Blue Moon to go completely unchallanged on his position here. There’s my two cents. I took with with Carolle in the Hitler thread on the banking problem too where Blue Moon found a way to deny that Hitler HAD to borrow from the private banks. Hitler’s concept of public credit mirrored Lincoln’s… and it was working but again– I can’t get a handle on Blue Moon in disparate random comments sections here. I need to see his homepage where all his references and worldview would be laid out– and more easily exposed and discredited. Similary with Carole. That’s all. Just minor stuff like that. This is too much work to do unpaid. Ugh. -Rick

          1. Blue Moon

            Rick- I’m not not responding, its just that I don’t have 24/7 internet access, work 6 days a week and have social obligations- I know I’m often behind the curve on the back and forth- Consequently, I don’t have time for my own blog- I hang out at Ab’s because the pace here is more measured and has the atmosphere of a laid back salon where people can toss out concepts and opinion and see if any of it sticks- I feel like contributors at Clues Forum are on a shot clock, and that’s one of their strengths, but my daily grind isn’t well suited for that kind of pace- As for Hitler, I maintain he was a tool of Wall Street and London and his government issued script was allowed to exist as sort of a Hamburger Helper extension to the war economy the West had created for Germany- Nothing was “working” in the sense that the new German economy had righted itself and would carry on with full employment etc. – All of that illusory finance was specifically designed to build up a German war machine to take out Russia- It didn’t work out for Germany but the West had built up the Soviet Union so they won regardless- And the ensuing Cold war was as basic a dialectic as one could hope to achieve- We are now in the synthesis stage, after thesis/antithesis- That’s what backs my contention that the nation/state is effectively terminal-

  3. Aaron Johnson

    The 9/11 stuff starts at 2 hrs 15 min. I listened for about 25 minutes. Too much propaganda. Here’s a few notes I took
    Robin says “it looks like a movie”
    Oklahoma city bomb reference
    Howard says “we’re under attack”
    pearl harbor reference
    “we gotta bomb the hell out of them”
    “it’s a suicide mission”
    “we’re at war”
    caller says “its the towel head bastards”
    next caller says “its like armageddon”
    Robin says “it’s like an arnold schwarzenneger film”

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