TWA 800 – 9/11 training ground

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Simon weighs in on the TWA800 media event, one that was made as a test-run or foundation laying for the Master .

The TWA 800 story was a ‘general drill’, a rehearsal of sorts in anticipation of the Grand (what with its reliance on bystanders/ ‘firsthand eyewitnesses’ to sell the story) as well as a ‘test-run’ of the web of complicit ‘civilian’ agencies and ‘Hollywood-crews’ involved (NTSB, FAA, 0;grieving-family-members”-Crisis-Actors etc…). Moreover, it was designed to seed / implant in the public’s consciousness the following notions:

A: “A short-lived airplane disaster WILL be witnessed by hundreds of people / sky-watchers.”

B: “Even so, witness reports of such a brief event MAY or MAY NOT be a reliable source of information.”

C: “At the end of the day, what REALLY matters is the official investigation – and there’s nothing Joe Public can do about it.”

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There’s been more than enough video conspiracy candy to keep you spinning in circles.


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3 thoughts on “TWA 800 – 9/11 training ground

  1. smj

    “The summer of 1996 was tense at the White House. In the weeks leading up to the July 17 explosion of TWA 800, Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the World Trade Center bombing and architect of a plot to blow up 12 U.S. jumbo jetliners on a single day, was on trial in New York.

    “We were in an extremely high state of threat,” recalls James Kallstrom. “We had numerous generic threats.”

    As the Atlanta Summer Olympics neared, the government’s counter-terrorist apparatus went on high alert. Richard Clark, terrorism coordinator for the National Security Council, had reviewed an escalating number of terrorist threats. The NSC briefed the Transportation Department’s aviation security team about the threats. Alarmed at the danger, the Federal Aviation Administration pressed for extraordinary security measures on airplanes and at airports. The FBI terrorism task force was placed on ready standby for immediate deployment.

    “The White House was extremely, extremely edgy,” Kallstrom recounts. “They were dusting off the contingency plans.”

    No single White House staffer was responsible for aviation security. Kitty Higgins, then assistant to the president and cabinet affairs secretary, stepped in to coordinate the numerous agencies involved. She convened an aviation security working group to meet at the White House, and the group’s first meeting took place on July 17.

    At 8:19 p.m. that very evening, TWA 800 mysteriously exploded off the Long Island shore.

    Twelve minutes after the explosion, the FBI duty agent dialed the number for Kallstrom’s beeper. Kallstrom was at dinner at the Friar’s Club, celebrating the appointment of former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as undersecretary of the treasury.”…

    this jim kallstrom character is quite interesting- like ken feinberg interesting.

    twa 800 took-off from jfk, of course.

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