Rome 2.0

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The new museum is proof that those that control the US worship death and destruction.


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A European friend of mine said something interesting about America and memorials — ‘If Europeans built memorials like the US does, on every location everywhere something bad had happened, there would be no room left for anything else’.

I don’t think she meant don’t remember, or ignore the significance, but that the US almost seems to obsess over things like this in a way that’s not necessarily constructive.

We should leave the wreckage of fatal car accidents, permanently, on the side of our highways as well – because cleaning up the mess, and repaving the scorched holes in the pavement is equivalent to erasing the victims from history.

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  1. Carys

    Perhaps the most vexing problem of the project’s design, which incorporates thousands of artifacts, is that it risked becoming one massive trigger for victims and a trauma in its own right for everyone else. “This is not the Disney World of 9/11,” says Green­wald, a petite, dark-haired woman whose room-­filling good cheer belies the material she has absorbed and calibrated. “We weren’t going to immerse ­people in the experience.”

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