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ep106-Tom Dalpra

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Showtime: Sunday, May 18, 2014 5:11pm EST

Guest: Tom Dalpra, a great contributor at fakeologist.com


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They found the plane and the girls!

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Two psyOps end at once: both the plane and Poco Harum girls were found safe at a camp in Kano.

“Good night Malaysian three seven zero”, was the last conversation in the transcript between the air traffic controller and the cockpit of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 aircraft is finally found in KANO NIGERIA.

via BREAKING NEWS: Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Found In Nigeria At Boko Haram Camp In Kano.

For the record, I doubt there was a plane, missing girls, or any other highly promoted story. I do believe there may be lots of missing oil money from Nigeria that the oil companies aren’t happy about.

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Devolution of imagery

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Imagery has really degraded over the last 100 or so years, if you believe the psyOp hoax imagery is real.

One of the most common “exercises” we did at university, whatever the class, was to “compare and contrast” different systems as a way to objectify information. The examples below are meant to signify certain potential failures of modernity.

via View topic – SANDY HOOK Newtown,Ct School Shooting 14 dec 2012 • Cluesforum.info.

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Why Rob Ford is in rehab

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It’s difficult to understand why our mayor Rob Ford submits to the real or simulated drug and pony show. Whether you believe in any of the media fakery or not, the main purpose of psyop hoaxes is fear and money, via a huge distraction. Here’s the money part:

It’s a done deal, and it’s the first time the Toronto Transit Commission and the four unions representing its employees reached collective agreements without the need for arbitration since 2005.

The TTC and the unions ended negotiations regarding a new four-year deal on Friday night.

While the magician has you distracted, he’s busy picking your pocket. The oldest trick in the book.

I wonder who the magician is?


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A road rage tale?

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Road rage killing of Oakville man ‘makes you want to shake your head’ - Toronto Star 2014-05-17 05-06-55Road rage is an unnecessary evil of living like rats in an overcrowded box, and does happen – but to this extreme? Is this another cautionary tale, a traffic noble lie? Numbers and phrases may indicate so.

KITCHENER—They could have calmed down and gone their separate ways, but they didn’t.

Now one man is dead and the stranger who killed him with a knife to the heart is going to prison.

That was the bottom line Thursday as a case of road rage ended with a guilty plea to manslaughter in a Kitchener courtroom.

“It’s one of those offences that just makes you want to shake your head,” said Justice Gary Hearn.

Dead is Anton Radisic, 38, of Oakville, who was described in glowing terms by relatives despite a violent past.

Sentenced to three years in custody was Stephen McNaney, 44, of St. Clements, a single dad who answered a tire iron with a knife.

Cut loose altogether — in a plea deal that took into account blame on both sides — was his son, Martin McNaney, 19, who wore running shoes with his suit.

via Road rage killing of Oakville man ‘makes you want to shake your head’ | Toronto Star.

Zach’s take (he has a rapid response rate to my requests) freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2…

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