They found the plane and the girls!

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Two end at once: both the plane and Poco Harum girls were found safe at a camp in Kano.

0;Good night Malaysian three seven zero”, was the last conversation in the transcript between the air traffic controller and the cockpit of the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight aircraft is finally found in KANO NIGERIA.

via BREAKING NEWS: Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Found In Nigeria At Boko Haram Camp In Kano.

For the record, I doubt there was a plane, missing girls, or any other highly promoted story. I do believe there may be lots of missing oil money from Nigeria that the oil companies aren’t happy about.

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2 thoughts on “They found the plane and the girls!

  1. I_Gestalta

    I don’t know if you’re having a laugh, but in case you’re not: the “found in Nigeria” nonsense is a hoax, just like the story itself. Ahhhh, fake begetting fake.

    1. ab Post author

      I was wondering if I should have put in a disclaimer. I was actually looking to see if any photoslopper had merged MH370 with the Nigerian Sim girls looking out the windows. This is the closest I found.

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