4 thoughts on “Occult coke can

  1. columjaddica

    I like this can. Pretty sure there’s some occult significance to the “Rolling Rock” name, outside of numerology. But also you can’t miss that “33” at the end like an amen

    It’s a 12oz or 355ml can

    Oh, looks like it has an (extra) pale horse.

    I’ve noticed that most beer labels have all kinds of stuff, but in particular since being in Colorado I’ve noticed the microbrew labels are loaded with masonic imagery and words. Even the smaller local ones.

  2. Carys

    “Hey, kid, come here. Come on, sit down. I want to tell you something. Do you know who we are? We are the real power. You’ll find us in all the major decision making centers. For centuries we’ve been controlling you. At work, when you’re at home, when you go out. We control everything. We are…”

  3. Nemesis

    Anyone would think they want them to resemble beer cans..

    And of course the standard size of beverage cans in europe and a few other countries is 330ml

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