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Dustban Lite 1

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Our friends talk a bit of fakeology, but not much.

Good audio quality, and it was streamed live on s2.fakeologist.com.


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Welles clown

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I played the Obama speech in episode 106 at the top, and the main story that propagandist-in-chief Obama told the children was of Welles and the Red Bandana. It had all the elements of a good emotional story, starting off with a mystery, and returning full circle to a mother who read the “news” and put 2+2 together to realize it was her son. A real tear-jerker. Had elements of Little Red Riding Hood. Why not draw upon good fiction when writing new fiction?

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From Simon’s post:

The Good Obama (you know, “the man who got rid of – and saved us from Evil Osama”) does his 9/!! Museum inauguration speech – which no doubt will go down in history for ‘unborn generations to come to recall’, as the Ohbummer in Chief himself likes to put it.

His chosen Hero of da Big Day is the red-bandana man, one “Welles Crowther” – who ‘saved many lives and ultimately sacrificed his own’.

Welles’ mother, Alison Crowther, clearly remembers the red bandana that her sorely missed son (and “9/11 martyr”) always used to carry.

Gee, I wonder why the first names “Orson” and “Aleister” keep crawling & swelling in my mind right now? :huh: (*ouch*)

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