How a sim is named

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We suppose the images are created with photoslop – so how are the vicsims named? Gematria/numerology may be one way if not the way.

Jonathan Lee Ielpi is a firefighter who supposedly died during the September 11 attack of 2001. It is said he left behind a wife, Yesenia, and two sons; 9-year old Andrew and 3-year old Austin. Let us decode the numerology within this set of details, to see the sick joke that it really is.

via free to find truth: 33 Watch | Jonathan Lee Ielpi Is Not a Real Person | 9/11 Propaganda and Lies.

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2 thoughts on “How a sim is named

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  2. UNreal

    Names can indeed be quite telling !
    Regarding “Sim’s” my guess would be that many names are computer-generated leading to some seldom heard of names and/or combinations,, Arce, Abad, Alvear, Alviar, etc (9/11 victims),,,

    But when witnesses are more rare and have a bigger parts to play, i believe that the PsyOp agents have more personal input on the character.

    in episode 101 and 104, Simon Shack goes into the JFK assassination, and when we are made to believe that some of the closest witnesses to “the man” (JFK) was Mary Moorman & Marie Muchmore…
    the contempt is outright disturbing, it is “in the face” blatant mockery. thenagain, maybe we can get some valuable information from this other than the displayed contempt *?

    In the story of the biggest dinosaur newly discovered i noticed that the photos was shot in january and the story only reported in may (2014). as “die-now” sceptic i thought the image time-lapse was curious but understandable for some photoshop trickery-time. then i noticed that the lead author of the study and researcher in the University of Zaragoza’s Aragosaurus-IUCA Group was José Ignacio Canudo… last name ‘CANUDO’ ?

    i guess i can spot the fakery here, Can U Do too ?

    *for one, “the man” could well have been a codeword for the JFK PsyOpera. secondly, when the “More Man” shots didn’t have enough film or angles, they just invented an extra witness, as we can tell from MuchMore

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