PsyOps made easy in Ontario

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What a great system they’ve constructed for not needing to invest too much time and effort into possible hoaxes in Ontario. They have a police service that can pass off responsibility for releasing information to a 0;civilian” board, that uses the old emotion over common sense to avoid releasing information. They’ve created a dialectic that can simply blame each other for lack of progress, with the public left wondering what’s happening. Add a couple of compliant or sim court officers, and you’ve got an endless loop of no information!

This makes perfect sense if you want to create un-investigateable fantasy hoaxes, but makes no sense in a real world open society. It would be more believable if happened in the axis of evil empires like or North Korea (if any of what we are told of these places is actually true, which I highly doubt).

It’s amazing that the public is so numbed to these stories, that there is literally not even a peep of concern from any real people that can be detected on these interwebs. This sends a clear message to the hoaxsters that they can carry on, undetected. It’s no wonder they might want to become bold with their fraudulent stories, to see at what point anyone out there might actually notice, let alone give a sh*t,

For a few weeks, a bundle of flowers placed on the side of a quiet Aurora street served as the sole reminder that a 22-year-old man was shot dead by police on a rainy night last month.Now, five weeks after the shooting, even those are gone, while little remains known about the incident — most notably, who was killed.At the request of his family, the young man’s name is being kept secret.The province’s Special Investigations Unit, the agency that probes deaths involving police, is investigating the shooting, which occurred just before 9 p.m. on April 12.

via Who was shot by police in Aurora? | Toronto Star.

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