Chief Burns and other silliness

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Listen to the dubbed audio and the nonsensical commentary of this old gem. Chief 0;Byrnes” is also another gag, I assume.

  • people “digging” all night
  • getting cell phone calls from under the rubble
  • hundreds of people digging
  • digging with their hands
  • “there’s always hope”
  • plenty of volunteers
  • building stretchers out of wood!
  • searching for medical supplies to create triage units from different federal buildings (!)

11 is the number

chief burns

Chief “Burns” having a smile

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1 thought on “Chief Burns and other silliness

  1. smj

    they framed a 911 on the truck in the background starting at 1:08. it lasts for 10 seconds. then a big Q7 is flashed.

    stretchers out of wood must be some kind of code; that shit is beyond ridiculous.

    they didn’t have 5 to 6 real stretchers lying around for their 5 to 6 fake firemen victims?

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