Critical thinking

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I listened to this podcast today and hour 2 of it as well. Richard is a great speaker, and I do like most of what he has to say. I choose to ignore his 0;testimony”, as it definitely doesn’t fit my way of looking at the 9/11 media hoax. One wonders once again why we have people that bring such believable information to us, but always have one big turd in the punch bowl that can’t be overlooked. My guess is it’s the old poison the well logical fallacy— to keep you from listening or agreeing to any of the message, even if it is valuable. Does this allow the nutwork to say “see, we told you what we are doing, but you chose to ignore it all (because you didn’t see past the turd).

Richard Grove is the founder of the Tragedy and Hope website, which enables individuals to research and form groups of independent thinkers to solve humanity’s most pressing problems.

via Red Ice Radio – Richard Grove – 9/11 Insider Trading Whistleblower & Voluntary Servitude.

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  2. Blue Moon

    That’s exactly it, poison the punch- Grove’s 911 story is sometimes vague and sometimes detailed but never cohesive in my listening to his different interviews- One “witness” I talked to last year was vague and talked in generalities about seeing bodies fall and all the time he would not look me in the eye, unless he was saying my name- He said something like this: I saw all this smoke and bodies falling and it was terrible but they closed off the streets and we had to leave town on foot across the bridges…yadda yadda- Exactly what anyone watching TV that day was told was happening- Now, if he had said something like: “Oh, God- Dude, I was at the corner of Church street and my friend Paula was with me and she said, “Look!” and I turned and this guy was falling and he hit the ground, and, oh God! It was beyond belief”- And I might say- “Jeezuz, what did you do?” “We got the fuck out of there-“ – “How did you feel?” (Grabs my shoulders)“Dude- You have no idea how helpless, helpless really is- I couldn’t sleep for days- That guy, falling like that- Then I heard others had jumped- I feel for the witnesses-“
    That I could believe, but unless an A-list actor performs for you, you will always and only get general impressions anyone watching TV that day could conjure-
    That said, I do listen to his podcasts with all filters in working order- There is some good stuff out there, just make sure you bring your own premise to the buffet table-

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