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I smell a movie, but wait

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John All, U.S. climber, survives fall into Nepal mountain crevasse - World - CBC News 2014-05-23 13-41-35Haven’t I seen this movie before? The one based on a true story? (Touching the Void – it sure had me going for a while).

The true story of two climbers and their perilous journey up the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985.

There are only so many beLIEvable fake stories out there before recycling is required. Heck, we are forced to recycle all the other garbage in our lives here in the West, aren’t we?

Nice touch at the end to psychic drive the global climate change warming cooling whatever myth.

An American climber said he fell into a crevasse on a Himalayan mountain in Nepal but managed to crawl to his tent despite broken ribs and an arm before being rescued the next morning.

John All of Western Kentucky University said Thursday he thought he was going to die after falling some 22 metres into the crevasse with no hope of rescue.

It took him six hours to crawl out of the hole and another three hours to reach his tent. He spent the night in pain before rescuers reached him the next morning, he said in an interview at a Kathmandu hotel where he is recovering.

All and his research team had moved to Mount Himlung in north central Nepal because the Mount Everest area was closed last month after the death of 16 Sherpa guides in an avalanche. One of those Sherpa guides was from All’s team. They were planning to climb Mount Lhotse, a sister peak of Everest. Climbers attempting to scale both the peaks share much of the route.

“I thought I was going to die, there was no way out. I was alone,” All said describing his first thoughts after falling into the crevasse on Monday. “I landed on an ice ledge probably 3 feet wide which saved me from falling further into the crevasse.”

He broke five ribs and an arm, dislocated his shoulders, suffered internal bleeding and bruised his face and knees.

He crawled out of the hole using his ice axe but because of his broken ribs and right arm he could only move very slowly. His teammates were in lower camps and would take two days to get to him.

Once he got out of the crevasse, he did not have a radio to call for help so he struggled his way back to the tent and barely made it inside. He texted for help on his satellite messenger. His friends responded and arranged for a helicopter rescue.

“Because of bad weather the helicopter could not reach me on that day, so I knew I had to spend the night by myself,” he said adding the he spent hours bleeding and shivering. He suffered from frostbitten fingers.

The rescue helicopter landed in a flat area near the camp at the altitude of some 6,000 metres Tuesday. The pilot and another rescuer dragged the 110-kilogram (240-pounds), 6-feet 5-inches-tall All to the helicopter on a sleeping pad and flew him to a hospital in Kathmandu where he spent the night in intensive care. He said he checked out the next day despite protest from doctors who wanted to keep him for a week.

All, 44, from Bowling Green, Kentucky, plans to stay at his hotel in Kathmandu for a couple of weeks to recover before heading to Peru next month for another climbing trip. He is an experienced climber who scaled Mount Everest in 2010. An associate professor of geography at WKU, All and his team were collecting ice and snow samples to study the level of pollution and rate of glacier melt.

via American climber falls into Himalayan mountain crevasse, crawls out with broken bones.

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Tommy can you hear me?

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Sometimes I wonder who runs the psyOps in Toronto – are they homegrown or outsourced to Americans? Here’s the story of an American named Tommy who came to pee on the tracks. The story has more holes than swiss cheese. The most glaring one is what would someone look like that was hit by a subway? Like this?

Subway mishap results in tragedy - Toronto & GTA - News - Toronto Sun 2014-05-23 12-19-07

Marge Karabelski wants her son’s misadventure to be a warning for others.

Last Saturday evening, Tommy Karabelski was hit by a subway train at Islington station.

Out for a night with his friends, he went beyond the subway platform’s yellow do-not-pass line to urinate and was hit by an oncoming train.

The 22-year-old is now in a coma at St. Michael’s Hospital with two brain bleeds, eye socket and facial damage, a thinning vein in his neck, blood in his lungs and listed in serious condition.

via Subway mishap results in tragedy | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

In one quick story, we have a calm woman who’s son is allegedly at death’s door, promoting lessons for the profane on subway safety, and a fundraiser to raise money even though his alleged medical care is covered. We have no doctor names, magic numbers, and a picture that doesn’t match a coma victim (from what little I know, I’m sure a face mask for breathing is required).

So who could benefit from such a story? Anyone who has an interest in platform screens, which could cost of up to a billion dollars.


But with the TTC anticipating a $1.5 billion capital shortfall by the end of the decade, the cost of up to $10 million per station has no funding yet.

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WTC and 33 and 9/11

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Zach goes 33 crazy – and sadly, he’s just exposing the Nutwork who are obsessed with displaying their “religion”.

I know what some of you are saying right now. You’re saying things like, “BS, all coincidence, and plus you’re pissing me off because my gran’daddy died in that war! Here is what I am saying back to you. I know he did, many of us had family that died in that war. So when are we going to stop this pattern of dying for needless wars, that are based on manipulated information and happenings in the world, in what amounts to essentially a giant hoax?

This stuff is sick. It is time we recognize that, and put an end to it… otherwise it will put an end to us. President Eisenhower said essentially this in his farewell address, and Martin Luther King Jr. also said this, April 4, 1967, exactly one year to his death, April 4, 1968.

1968 was also the year that many other people were assassinated, the WTC construction began, 9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code, and George W. Bush graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones, the elite fraternity and secret society that refers to its alumni as “Bonesmen”.

via free to find truth.

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