Tommy can you hear me?

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Sometimes I wonder who runs the in Toronto – are they homegrown or outsourced to Americans? Here’s the story of an American named Tommy who came to pee on the tracks. The story has more holes than swiss cheese. The most glaring one is what would someone look like that was hit by a subway? Like this?

Subway mishap results in tragedy - Toronto & GTA - News - Toronto Sun 2014-05-23 12-19-07

Marge Karabelski wants her son’s misadventure to be a warning for others.

Last Saturday evening, Tommy Karabelski was hit by a subway train at Islington station.

Out for a night with his friends, he went beyond the subway platform’s yellow do-not-pass line to urinate and was hit by an oncoming train.

The -year-old is now in a coma at St. Michael’s Hospital with two brain bleeds, eye socket and facial damage, a thinning vein in his neck, blood in his lungs and listed in serious condition.

via Subway mishap results in tragedy | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

In one quick story, we have a calm woman who’s son is allegedly at death’s door, promoting lessons for the profane on subway safety, and a fundraiser to raise money even though his alleged medical care is covered. We have no doctor names, , and a picture that doesn’t match a coma victim (from what little I know, I’m sure a face mask for breathing is required).

So who could benefit from such a story? Anyone who has an interest in platform screens, which could cost of up to a billion dollars.…

But with the TTC anticipating a $1.5 billion capital shortfall by the end of the decade, the cost of up to $10 million per station has no funding yet.

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1 thought on “Tommy can you hear me?

  1. Tom Dalpra

    I hear ya. How do you get the public behind you to get what you want done for free by them and paid for by them?

    You con them.

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