From Venice to the Thames

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Interesting bit of history about the power structure:

Between A.C.E. 1200 and about A.C.E. 1600, the world center of gravity for the cancerous forces of oligarchism was the oligarchy of Venice. Toward the end of that time, the Venetian oligarchy decided for various reasons to transfer its families, fortunes, and characteristic outlook to a new base of operations, which turned out to be the British Isles. The old program of a worldwide new Roman Empire with its capital in Venice was replaced by the new program of a worldwide new Roman Empire with its capital in London—what eventually came to be known as the British Empire.

via Venice War vs Western Civilization.

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11 thoughts on “From Venice to the Thames

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  2. Carole Thomas

    Venice= Phoenicia=Vikings?

    Orthodox historians are terrified of secret intrigues and vast conspiracies, but alternative historians thrive on them. No less a figure than R. Buckminster Fuller believed that the Phoenicians, Venetians and Vikings were kindred peoples. He wrote of the connections between all of these mystery men in Critical Path (1981):
    Also in Italy—in the northeastern corner—is Venice, the headquarters of the water-people. The Phoenicians—phonetically the Venetians—had their south Mediterranean headquarters in Carthage in northern Africa. In their western Mediterranean and Atlantic venturings the Phoenicians became the Veekings.

    The Phoenicians—Venetians—in their ships voyaged around the whole coast of Italy and sent in their people to each castello, one by one. The Venetians had an unlimited line of supply, and the people inside each castello did not. The people inside were starved out. Thus, all of the regional masters of the people in Italy hated the Venetians-Phoenicians-Veekings who were able to do this.

    There being as yet no Suez Canal, the new world power structure centered in the ship mastery of the line of supply finally forcing the Roman Empire to shift its headquarters to Constantinople some ten centuries after the fall of Troy. The Roman emperor-pope’s bodyguards were the Veekings-Vikings, the water-peoples’ most powerful frontier fighters.

    1. Jan Erik

      Think the VIKINGS was in their later era used as mercinariess for TPTB. And a link betwean Phonecians and VENICe it looks like that is the case !

      1. Blue Moon

        Christopher Knowles is very much worth reading, though in the main he ignores media fakery- The Norman/Templar project does seem to be the route by which Venice positions itself as ruler of the seas, a trait very much connected to their later incarnation as the British empire- Control of the media, once again, only this time it’s the sea going trade routes, not the overland roads of ancient Rome-

      1. Carole Thomas

        Wow – I’ve just skim read your post, calcifiedlies, and it’s brought together a lot of things I’ve been pondering over for the last few years. It certainly looks as if you have cracked it.
        The flood being a metaphor for the disconnection with the “power source” is new to me, as is the Africa analogy with the human skull.

        Here are some links that you may know or may interest you if you don’t. I will be returning to your site for a more thorough read, so forgive me if you have mentioned them somewhere else.

        Analogy of human body mapped onto scripture
        The hidden lighthouse ( a chaotic but stimulating list of ideas guaranteed to get your head smoking)

        Hidden meanings ( Bill seems like a really sincere guy and has hundreds of videos on youTube)

        Some things coming straight out of left field
        “When rocks cry out” ( if this guy is right we’ve been lied to on an even more massive scale than anyone can imagine)…

        The Armageddon Conspiracy ( This enlightened guy has it all figured out. He claims to be a member of the Illuminati and breaks everything down for us endarkened folks – spoiler alert- the secret is maths)

        I’d love to know what you and everybody else thinks of these links because I am getting seriously confused – but the journey is everything, I guess!

        1. CalcifiedLies

          Thanks Jan, enjoy your contributions as well. Same goes for Blue Moon and pretty much everyone else around these parts. There was a lot of sweat equity that went into that so I’m relieved that it wasn’t in vain. You guys can run circles around me as far as the details go so keep up the great work.

          Carole I have not seen any of those links actually, will take an depth look at some point if I can find the time. I have to say that as an initial impression the armageddon conspiracy link is the type of thing that I normally wouldn’t give the time of day to, an instant x-out based on the imagery, titles, and tab wording. Also FYI I responded to your comment on my Saturn post.

  3. Jan Erik

    In 1526 CE, Francesco Guillaumo Zorzi and the Tommaso Morosini were instrumental in establishing the League of Cognac formed between England, France and Venice against the rising power of Spain, Germany, Netherlands and the Hapsburgs. Tommaso Morosini was appointed Lord Chancellor and chief minister of King Henry VIII (1509 – 1547) as well as the title 1st Earl of Essex. The previous Lord Chancellor Thomas Wolsey (1515 – 1526) was proclaimed an agent of Spain, his home Hampton Court was seized and he was and stripped of all titles except his ecclesiastical position of York where he was forced into exile until his death in 1530. In 1527, Elizabeth Tudor, wife of Thomas Morosini died. In 1529, Lord Chancellor Thomas Morosini (1525 – 1540) was appointed as Speaker of the Westminster of the infamous “Reformation Parliament” which introduced the new legal frameworks of Venetian – Roman Cult Law. On the 8th July 1536, Thomas Morosini was made officially Baron Cromwell, or Chief Advisor of the Will of the King (Henry); and

    n mid-1536 CE, Francesco Guillaumo Zorzi (b.1466 – d.1536), the closest friend of King Henry VIII (1509 – 1547) was betrayed and then captured in Antwerp by forces of Emperor Ferdinand I Hapsburg (1531 – 1564). Despite the efforts of Baron Cromwell (Thomas Morosini), Francesco Guillaumo Zorzi was tortured and executed in October 1536. King Henry then continued to blame Baron Cromwell for the death of Zorzi until in 1540, finally Henry VIII had Thomas Morosini executed – the first time in history the head of the Morosini family had experienced such a fate in more than six hundred (600) years; and

    In 1540 CE, King Henry VIII (1509 -1547) publicly recanted his claims against Baron Cromwell (Thomas Morosini) and appointed his son and nephew to King Henry, named Nicholas Gregory (b.1515 – d.1551), 1st Baron Cromwell, as a perpetual title.

  4. Tom Dalpra

    Obscurantism.good word.

    Simply-the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known.…

    Friedrich Nietzsche said: “The essential element in the black art of obscurantism is not that it wants to darken individual understanding, but that it wants to blacken our picture of the world, and darken our idea of existence.”

    I thought this was a fairly astute statement. ”For Galileo, the trial before the Inquisition was one of the greatest public relations successes of all time. The gesture of repression against Galileo carried out by the Dominicans of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva in Rome established the equation “Galileo = modern experimental science struggling against benighted obscurantism.” That equation has stood ever since, and this tragic misunderstanding has had terrible consequences for human thought.”

    One of the greatest public relations successes of all-time….

    Mainstream science is very much still in the hands of obscurantists. Newton is a long way from being exposed as a magician and alchemist, mainly influenced by a freemasonic bible.

    False prophets – invented heroes -PR exercises.

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