Were the blacks already here?

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Questioning the whole slave trade story seems reasonable.  Certainly the are not verifiable.

Did the Transatlantic African Slave Trade really exist or is it another American myth? When taught about slavery in school, I often had questions the teacher couldn’t answer. I would ask, how did the slaves live stacked on top of one another at the bottom of the ship for months without drowning in their own feces and urine? Where are the ships and why aren’t any of them inside of a museum?


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5 thoughts on “Were the blacks already here?

  1. Aaron Johnson

    As a child I was taught Black history by my dad. Last year I realized nearly all history was a lie and began questioning Black history as well. This article definitely is definitely thought provoking and makes some interesting points

  2. Tom Dalpra

    With 12 Years a Slave winning the Oscar we see some obscurantist history being sold again.

    My whole understanding of how Africans got to America came from the 1970’s TV show Roots. I found the story of that unraveled when I looked at it here:


  3. smj

    i assume that everything we’ve been told about our racial identities and how they came to be is probably bullshit since everything we’ve been told about everything else that we assume matters is bullshit.

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