Jules Verne, NASA’s founding mythologist

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Simon knows, of course, the answer to his question. All our space history and space present and space future is based on science fiction. Judging by NASA’s budget, if I were a budding author, it’s what I’d be writing – right after I signed up for the to get a good dose of occult numerology.

Lo and behold ! This is pretty much the exact same figure which is currently commonly accepted (by and all) as the escape velocity needed for any object to exit from our Earth’s atmosphere, switch off its rocket engines – and keep orbiting indefinitely at hypersonic speeds free of charge – with no more fuel needed. Yet, Jules Verne somehow calculated this escape-velocity figure back in 1865? Really? How did he do that?

1865 = 911 (a stretch I know)


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1 thought on “Jules Verne, NASA’s founding mythologist

  1. Nemesis

    Yep, if you have a look in ‘The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies’ page 7 it reads:

    ‘Verne is famous for predicting many scientific events and advances. For example, his 1865 novel ‘From The Earth To The Moon’ seemingly foresaw the Apollo missions with three men being fired to the moon from a launch site in Florida, near where the Kennedy Space Center would be built. He also suggested that the astronauts would return to Earth by splashing into the Pacific.’



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