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Dog-gone 9/11

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Nothing tugs on human’s emotional lines like children and dogs. This explains this emotionally charged piece of pup-aganda. Every trick in the propaganda play book is used to sell 9/11. Each and every day.

Photographer Charlotte Dumas photographed fifteen search dogs that were deployed to search the wreckage of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. Out of nearly 100 dogs, only fifteen remained, living with their handlers across the United States. Now, years later, Dumas photographed them in series of dignified portraits included in her book, “Retrieved,” published by The Ice Plant, LA. Pictured, Bretagne, photographed at home in Cypress, Texas.

via Moving Portraits of 9/11 Search Dogs Photos – ABC News.

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The Skeleton Key, 9/11, the Millenium Monolith….. | calcified lies

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@Calcifiedlies is getting some good attention in the chat.fakeologist.com, so I’ll link this post so people can read and discuss his research. I will try and read this information today.

…..and the steaming, fly-infested pile of psyop horseshit that is the alternative media!

Speculative Premise: The Skeleton Key (2005) is a metaphor for the completion of the alchemists’ great work via calculated initiation of the masses through a deceptive symbiosis of revelation of the method and the videodromatic creation of a new synapse in the brain.

via The Skeleton Key, 9/11, the Millenium Monolith….. | calcified lies.

PS: Great thought put into your name, Calcified. Let’s discuss this post as soon as your available on fakeologist radio.

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The hoax ties that bind

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Who needs to look for the similarities in psyOps? CNN does it for you. After all, it’s their primary function. Time to do a thread on the USS Cole bombing?

“We took a hit 11 months before 9/11, and we came back resilient, a strong force,” Farrell says, “like the men and women of New York.”

The destroyer — also known as DDG 67 — leaves New York on Tuesday at the close of Fleet Week 2014.

via Memorial Day marks ties between USS Cole attack and 9/11 – CNN.com.

Clues on USS Cole

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Dustban Lite 2

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Thankfully we have a Dustban Lite, in absence of our own episode this week.

Starring Rollo (What? I thought he retired-again!), Tom, Jan, Videre.


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