ep107-TWA 800 discussed with Simon Shack

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Once more, we delve into the research of Simon Shack of cluesforum.info and look into the frightening world of TWA800. Or is it really not so frightening and simply a prelude of preconditioning to ?




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3 thoughts on “ep107-TWA 800 discussed with Simon Shack

  1. smj

    remember twa 841? i didn’t.

    the story goes that twa 800 was heading back to rome and that twa 841 took off from tel aviv on its way to jfk, of course, through rome. the narrative indicates that on 11-8-74 twa 841 was bombed while in flight and 88 victims perished.

    wiki says- “this was the first instance of a young arab boarding an american plane in a suicide mission.” remember abu nidal, he was supposedly assassinated by saddam during the lead-up to the iraq invasion. however wiki also says that the black september member khalid dunham al-jawry was linked to the bombing in 2009 ( al-jawry was released from prison in 2009). he was convicted of the ’73 tribomb plot in 1993, just in time for 93 wtc bombings.

    and for dessert…it was reported that the disaster was witnessed by the flight deck of pan am 110.

  2. simonshack

    Oh dear, at 4:30 of this show I mistakenly said: ” The TWA 800 event happened EIGHT-hundred-and-eighty-three days (833) before 9/11. Of course, what I MEANT to say was 1883 (EIGHTEEN-hundred-eighty-three). Sorry about that.

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